SimplicityCollect Alert: ERROR – Parameter ‘custom_field_X’ has already been defined.

This message will appear on a Results File after an import attempt using the Account Importer tool (or one of the various update tools). “Parameter” refers to the column headers in the file you are using. This error specifically means that two headers have the exact same name. For example, you may have two columns in your spreadsheet that say “Debtor Phone”.

SimplicityCollect Alert: Debtor Add Error – Data too long for column ‘ssn’ at row 1

Sometimes this can happen if other information is also being stored in the SSN field, such as a 2nd possible SSN for the debtor, another SSN for their spouse, or information/notes pertaining to their case. Remove these longer numbers (and any other inaccurate information, such as placeholders like XXX-XX-XXXX, 000-00-0000, etc.) and then attempt to re-import your file.

SimplicityCollect Alert: Account Error – String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

Double-check your file for any columns that may be tied to date type fields in SimplicityCollect (this includes stock fields and custom fields). Verify the formatting is correct, and that the dates are not placeholders or fake dates. This can sometimes happen with dates like 2/29/2000 or 0/0/1900. Once you’ve corrected your columns, re-import your file.