Tools – Automation Tools: Letter Automation – Run

Once a Letter Flow is created via Letter Automation – Configure and added to an “OPEN” type account, new letter information can be generated each day via the Letter Automation – Run section of the software. This page will provide you a detailed report of what accounts have what letter due within a given date range and will allow you to print letters in bulk.

Tools – Credit Bureau Tools

Once you are ready to start reporting accounts to your preferred credit bureau, the Credit Bureau Tools pull data from your SimplicityCollect accounts and format them in Metro 2 format so it can be submitted to the credit bureaus.

Tools – Automation Tools: Letter Automation – Configure

The Letter Automation – Configure section provides you the ability to set up a Letter Flow for use with your collection accounts. In addition, Simplicity integrates with 3rd party letter fulfillment companies that provide fulfillment services for Simplicity clients.

Tools – File Importing: Client Importer

The Client Importer tool is useful for when you have a large spreadsheet of Client information you would like to add into Simplicity. Instead of typing out each one by one via Settings > Clients, you can use this tool to add them all in bulk

Tools – Bulk Transaction Manager

The Bulk Transaction Manager allows you to manually enter multiple transactions, and then post them to their respective accounts.