Getting Started

Accounts – Account Work Tracker

When enabled, this feature will pop-up when a collector attempts to leave an account. This allows the user to track specific contact attempts, and will be recorded through Reports > Quick Reports > Day Work Tracking Report.

Accounts – Claim Details: Notes

The Notes section at the bottom of the Claim Details screen is where you can include a note about the account.

What determines the account “Age”?

The age of the account refers to how many days have passed since the account was added to Simplicity. When an account is first added, the age is set to “0”, and increases by 1 each day.

What is “Account Type”?

The Account Type field on the Claim Details page of each account defines the account by default as NONCOMM, or non-commercial. It can be changed to COMM using the provided box to indicate that the account is a commercial debt. When importing accounts, this can be designated in the spreadsheet with a column labeled as “C” for COMM or a column labeled as “N” for NONCOMM.

Accounts – Claim Details: Action Codes

Action codes can be accessed through an individual account, on the Claim Details page. These are other types of “tags” you can add to an account to track specific information, in addition to the status.

End of the Month Processes

A question we often get is, “How do I run my end of month?” Because of the array of businesses that use SimplicityCollect, and the various laws from different states, counties, and even countries that can affect what you need, we’ve made our software very flexible. There is no one “right way” we can definitively outline to run your end of month records, but we will provide some of the most common methods and tools used for the process.

Saving a Configuration

If you find yourself performing the same filtering, exports, or bulk actions on your accounts, you can save those filters as a workflow Configuration. This is located at the top of the Filters pop-up screen, and also on the Bulk Account Manager and Data Exporter tools respectively.

How do I use the Help Desk/Live Chat?

If you ever have a question you’d like to bring up to us, you can contact us by going to Help > Help Desk – Support Tickets.

Settings – Collection Statuses

Statuses are used to help track the progress of the accounts within SimplicityCollect. Every account must have a status of some kind associated with it at any given time. These statuses can be used to search for, organize, assign, report on, and even export accounts.