Accessing the SimplicityCollect API

For you to use this tool, you can generate an API token to use. The API token is found by logging into Simplicity with a user with Admin privileges and going to Settings -> Company / CC Settings and clicking on the Web-Service API Settings check-box.

User Queues

There may be times where a group of accounts need to be grouped together and worked separately from your general accounts. Assigning an account to a queue allows work to be further organized and can be used rather than or in addition to assigning them to a specific user.

Settings – Administrators: Skip Trace Settings

implicityCollect is partnered with LocateSmarter, a fantastic Skip Tracing provider that allows you to skip your newly imported accounts or your existing accounts on a individual or group basis. Accounts are currently sent in batches of up to 500 and processed every ninety (90) minutes.

Once processed, LocateSmarter automatically sends the new information back and updates SimplicityCollect in real time. Using this integrated skip tracing method saves you the hassle of uploading your own results and only charges you per successful account skip traced.

Settings – Administrators: Convenience Fee Settings

The Convenience Fee Settings page allows administrators to enable or disable a prompt for a convenience fee, that pops up when processing a payment or setting up a payment plan on an account. They can also use this screen to adjust the settings of those fees. Convenience fees are used for situations like… (read more)

Settings – Administrators: Email Settings

Whenever you send an email in SimplicityCollect, either using the DocGen functionality or having us send an automated Payment Plan Reminder, your email will include an email signature which you can review in Settings > Administrators > Email Settings.

Settings – Administrators: Commission Bonus Settings

In addition to setting up a commission rate for your collectors under Settings > Administrators > Collectors/Employees, you can also give them a bonus for meeting certain monetary goals. This is on the Commission Bonus Settings screen.

Manage User Group Options

The Manage User Groups screen allows administrators to enable or disable what areas of SimplicityCollect their employees can access, based on the User Group they belong to. This page lists all of the options you can enable or disable.