How do my debtors make a payment online?

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NOTE: This feature is ONLY usable for clients that have a merchant account set up through one of SimplicityCollect’s approved processing vendors.

Your debtors can make payments online via the Debtor Payment Portal. Click here for a walkthrough of the Debtor Portal.


How it Works

Every debtor entered in our software automatically receives a Debtor Pmt ID on their Claim Details tab.

You can direct the debtor to go to the URL (either via a letter, a link on your website, or by phone).

From here the debtor will see a screen prompting them for their Payment ID Number and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.  By default, the debtor MUST confirm their SSN for security and compliance purposes.

NOTE: This security feature can be disabled on the debtor’s Claim Details tab, if for instance you do not have their SSN in the system yet.

If you are exporting the Debtor Payment ID and it appears in excel in scientific notation (Similar to 1.00022E+20), please reference the knowledge base article for Numbers in Scientific Notation

Only once the correct SSN and Payment ID are entered is any info displayed. They will be shown their Account Number and the current balance due, and will have an area to make either a credit card or ACH payment to you. They can submit a payment quickly and easily using the application, and will receive a confirmation message when the process is complete.


Enterprise Debtor Portal

We also have an Enterprise version of the Debtor Portal. You can enable this under Settings > Administrators > Company/CC Settings for an additional $30 a month (pro-rated). This allows debtors the ability to make one-time payments like normal, in addition to:

  • Adding/viewing payment plans
  • Accepting a settlement amount based on their balance due
  • Update their contact information and more

You can view our walkthrough on the Enterprise Debtor Portal here.


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