Can I request custom work?

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We would be happy to discuss your idea with our developers to see if it could indeed be added to SimplicityCollect as a custom work project. All you have to do is reach out to our technical support outlining your request in as much detail as possible.

Custom work costs $100 per hour of programming time. Once our developers receive your ticket, they will provide you a quote for the time it would take our programmers to create and test this new addition.

Once you receive a quote, you then have the final option to move forward with the work or not. If accepted, the company card on file will be charged for the custom work request and the project will be assigned to a programmer’s queue.

Projects are completed on a timeline basis, and queued behind other scheduled projects. The time it will take to start these orders varies, but we do have new software releases every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Your project will be scheduled for release on one of these upcoming dates.

As soon as the project is finished you will receive an update to your ticket regarding its completion.

NOTE: Due to request volume, there may be periods of time that we will be closed to new custom work orders.


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