Accounts – Financials Overview

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The Financials tab of an account is where you can:

  • Add Pre-Judgment and Post-Judgment Claims
  • Add account-level interest settings
  • Adjust account-level allocation and disbursement settings
  • Add new transaction descriptions
  • Post payments
  • Post costs and fees
  • Add adjustments

On the top right-hand corner, you will see a set of sub-tabs for the Financials screen as well. These break down the entire section into four (4) separate screens:

  • Transactions: This is the overview page, and where you add, edit or delete transactions (payments, costs, fees), process adjustments, and print a Statement of Account (receipt) for a debtor
  • Claims: This is the Pre-Judgment Claims screen, where you can add, edit or delete claims, set claim interest rates, and set claim interest start dates
  • Settings/Judgment: This is where you can adjust the allocation and disbursement settings for the account, add, edit or remove a Post-Judgment Claim, and where you can change the Post-Judgment settings
  • Advanced: This is where you can add, edit or delete new transaction descriptions for the Transactions sub-tab


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