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The Notes section at the bottom of the Claim Details screen is where you can include a note about the account.

The Account Notes section allows a user to enter notes related to the account, view previously added account and/or debtor notes, or view document related notes by selecting the respective notes tabs on the right.  By default, all notes are shown.

Adding a Note

  • Start typing your note in the blank box below the notes list.
  • After you are done typing your note, click Add Note.
  • You can also specify if the note is related only to that account, or if it should follow the debtor on other accounts he may be associated with. Do this by clicking the drop-down list under Add Note and selecting Debtor.
  • To pin the note to the top of the note section, mark the note as “Important” before adding it.

Administrators may edit and delete previously entered notes as well as un-pin an important note.  Administrators will see an Edit button and Delete button  to the right of each account note to allow them to manage notes.

Adding a Call Disposition

Call dispositions can assist in monitoring your RPC, or Right Party Contact, rate.

The first drop down will contain only the phone numbers in the particular account you are in:

  1. Select the appropriate phone number (The number you are calling) from the list
  2. Select the appropriate description from the Disposition Description drop down\
  3. Disposition Descriptions can be added, edited or deleted using the cog icon to the right of the drop down Please Note: The displayed descriptions are static, and cannot be edited or deleted. However, descriptions that are added (Admins only) can be Edited and/or Deleted.
  4. Click Submit

As notes are entered into Simplicity, the name of the user who entered the note is attached, as well as the date/time stamp when the note was entered.  New notes are added to the top of the list of notes.

Administrators may edit and delete previously entered notes.  Administrators will see an Edit button and Delete button  to the right of each account note to allow them to manage notes.

Print Notes

  1. Click [Print Notes]
    1. This action opens up a new browser window that will allow you to export the account notes to either Word, PDF or Excel:

Automated Notes

Certain notes will be added to the Notes section of an account automatically. To name just a few, this includes any changes made to the Status of the account, the generation of a letter, and the posting of a payment. This helps administrators on Simplicity keep track of account changes that employees make.

Administrators can reach out to SimplicityCollect technical support if they would like to enable this Automated Notes feature for their custom fields. Once enabled, any edits made to any custom field will be noted for you to see.

Activity Codes

You can save notes that you frequently use for quick use in the future.

  • To add an activity code to the list of available codes, click the Add button .
  • Create a Name for the Activity Code, and add a description. The description can be as long as is necessary, and shows in the notes section when you add the activity code to the account.
  • To use an activity code to make a note, choose the code from the drop-down list and click the Add Activity code The code will be automatically made into a note and appear at the top of the notes list.
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