How do I link a debtor to another account?

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Accounts can be linked together in Simplicity when you import new accounts. Select the option Link to existing debtor on SSN. When selecting this option the system will automatically “link” a debtor if it sees the same SSN on multiple accounts, by means of displaying a hyperlinked field “Other Claims/Accounts” on the Claim Details screen.

Note: Importing accounts with fake SSNs such as 000-00-0000 will link all accounts unless the option Do not link accounts when SSN is all 0s is selected.

There may be times you want to link a debtor to another account, or perhaps your debtor did not have a SSN to begin with. If this is the case, you can tell the system to link the debtor to another account a few ways:

Using the Claim Details page

Navigate to the applicable debtor’s account Claim Details screen and scroll down to the debtor details section. Under the address/phone/DOB you will find empty fields next to Link New Accounts. Here you can enter the name of the debtor and/or other applicable information such as the account number, SSN, client claim number, etc. After clicking Search a list of results will populate below. Clicking on the chain link icon on the right will link the resulted debtor to the current account. You can use this tool to link an unlimited number of accounts. See section below on how to link as co-debtor.

Using the Debtor Manager

Tools > Debtor Manager

Search using the debtor’s last name and then first name. As you type the name, a list will populate for you to select from. Then you can search for the other accounts by name or by Account Number. An icon will appear to the right side of them to mark the debtor as the primary debtor or co-debtor of this second account.  There is no limit to the number of accounts you can tie this debtor to when using this tool.


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