The Collector Dashboard

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The Collector Dashboard shows you how many of your open accounts are generating money or are about to generate money, and your total commissions earned. You can also change the date range in the From: and To: boxes to reflect a time frame you wish to view stats for.

dashboard image

This Dashboard automatically appears on each user’s home page and can be turned on and off by clicking on your username at the top right-hand corner of your screen, and choosing User Settings.


Elements of the Dashboard Include:

  • Gross vs Net calculations
    • The Gross column is based on the full amount of each financial transaction
    • The Net column is based on the agency percentage of each financial transaction
  • Number of open accounts
    • The total number of open accounts in the selected employee’s queue; defined as accounts that have been assigned an “Open” type status only.
  • Amount collected
    • The total amount collected by the selected employee for the specified date range, which defaults to the current day.
  • Commission earned
    • The total commissions earned by the selected employee, based on the commission settings specified in Settings > Administrators > Collectors/Employees. This reflects transactions where the employee was collector and/or co-collector.
  • Postdates on file
    • The total amount of payments pending to post from the Financial Transactions page based on the specified date span for accounts assigned to the selected employee.
  • Future Payments
    • The total amount of future dated payments included in Payment Plans, based on the specified date span for accounts assigned to the selected employee.


Amount Collected Pie Chart

ADMINS: This can be enabled or disabled for viewing per user group through Settings > Administrators > Manage User Groups.

If you decide to display the Pie Chart, there are a number of options that you can select/deselect regarding what is factored into the dashboard calculations. Click the Dashboard Settings icon on the Home screen to view these options:

dashboard settings image


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