Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal

Simplicity Debt Collection Software is pleased to announce the roll out of its new Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal.  This fully functional portal allows you to empower your debtors to make payments, settle accounts, set up payment plans, confirm their information and so much more.  Use this application easily from your own website or direct them to our portal, either option is now available.  Studies show that

debtors are more inclined to make payments and settle accounts if they feel like they have control over their payment options and can easily make payments without having to talk to a collector.  So how does this new Enterprise Portal Work and how do I enable it to start making more money today?

Enabling the Enterprise Portal – In order to enable the Enterprise Debtor Portal log into your Simplicity application and navigate to Settings > Administrators > Company/CC Settings.  Click the “Enable” box next to Enterprise Debtor Portal in the Company Settings.






Managing Enterprise Portal Settings – In order to change your Enterprise Payment Portal Settings, log into your Simplicity application and navigate to Settings > Administrators > Enterprise Debtor Portal













Once logged in you will see options to set your own settlement brackets, control the mini-miranda that is seen in the portal, and specify what the debtor can and cannot do while in the portal.



What does the debtor see in the new Enterprise Payment Portal – The new Enterprise Portal will present the debtors with an initial settlement amount based on the settings you set.  For instance if you had a settlement bracket set up that said any debt between $2,001 – $3,000 would receive 30% off if they settled the account immediately, a debtor with a debt falling in that dollar range (in the example below the debtor owes $2,122.74) would see a similar screen upon initial login.  Keep in mind that they are only presented this promotional offer once.  They can either accept the offer or decline the offer.  If they decline the offer they are prompted again letting them know that they will not receive that offer again, thus encouraging them to settle the debt.



If the offer is declined, the user is presented with an option to make a single payment or set up payment plans.  If a payment plan already exists they are presented with their payment plan, the payments they have made and when their next payments are due.

The best part about this Enterprise Payment interface is every action including login and logout activity is noted in your Simplicity account.  You can see what information was added, verified, what payments were made and so much more.

Can I Customize the Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal – We can easily customize the Enterprise Portal with your own logo so debtors feel comfortable making payments.  Additionally, you can connect directly to our Enterprise Portal from your own website via a form button, image or direct hyperlink to the portal.  You can also embed the Enterprise Portal direction into your own web application if you chose.

Does the Enterprise Debtor Payment Portal cost? – For the month of February 2017 we are offering the use of this portal at no cost to our clients.  Beginning in March 2017 there will be a small nominal monthly fee ($30) to cover the maintenance and  cost of developing this portal.  Enabling the portal will notify the end user of the prorated and monthly charges.

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