Version Updates

Debt Collection Software Updates

In an effort to make sure that Simplicity Collect is both user friendly and up to date with all latest collection laws and trends, we are providing the following list of version release notes. Each release note will contain the version number and the items addressed in each version. Your current software version can be found at the very bottom of your software.
Version release notes – (October 13, 2020)
  • Enhancements
    • Added the ability to have multiple dialers in one database, with settings for different user groups. This enhancement allows for one dialer per user group.
    • Added click-to-dial integration for the Arbeit phone system
    • Importers and Updaters will now show which user initiated the import and rollback requests.
    • Added option to Trust Balance Detail Report to hide debtor deposits. This option will not show deposits made through transactions.
    • A new section in Company Settings has been added. This section contains multiple options which will give companies the ability to show or hide certain features in the software. This new section is in Company Settings.
    • Added a user group permission for resetting payments in a payment plan to the “Pending” status. When disabled, the option will be visible but ‘greyed out’. If hovered over or clicked, a user without access to this option will be directed to speak to an administrator for assistance.
    • Added the ability to Snooze reminders. Reminders can now be pushed back by 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hr or 24 hours.
    • Added a permission to give a user-group read-only access to accounts. This prevents the user from making any manual changes to accounts.
  • Issue Resolution
    • Resolved an issue which prevented a user that didn’t have access to an account to leave that account if the time worked tracker was enabled.
    • Resolved an issue where some financial transactions along with the accompanying account note under specific conditions would incorrectly display the currency symbol.
    • Fixed an issue that gave an error under certain conditions when inserting a transaction.
    • Fixed an issue that caused scheduled exports and imports to not run at the scheduled times under certain conditions.
    • Fixed an issue in financial settings that gave an error under specific conditions.
    • Fixed an issue that affected Co-Debtor’s ECOA Code for Credit Bureau Reporting. When Setting ECOA code for Co-Debtor to Delete Consumer (Z), Deceased (X) was showing instead.
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