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Debt Collection Software Updates

In an effort to make sure that Simplicity Collect is both user friendly and up to date with all latest collection laws and trends, we are providing the following list of version release notes. Each release note will contain the version number and the items addressed in each version. Your current software version can be found at the very bottom of your software.

Version release notes – (March 12, 2019)

  • Enhancements
    • Added an option to show the client claim number at the top of an account page instead of the account number
    • Linked account links (unexpanded) now open in a new tab when selected
    • Report Builder:
    • – Added “Does Not Equal”, “Does Not Contain”, “Does Not Start With”, and “Does Not End With” options to the text field conditions
    • – Added “Sum of Abs.” (Absolute) to the list of aggregates for number fields
    • – Added 2 more phone categories
    • – Added “Current Time” to the “Misc.” category
    • – Added Transaction Date Entered field
    • Added “Include NSF with Payment” option to the Client Statement Quick Report. This option adds the same NSF handling functionality as the like named option on the Financial Reports
  • Issue Resolution
    • Resolved an issue that was causing account imports to fail when new courts were being added in some instances
    • Resolved an issue that was not allowing automations to run, when a payment was NSF’ed, on accounts that do not have a payment plan
    • Resolved an issue where the Client Portal “Open / Closed Report” was pulling back only closed accounts when “Include Open Accounts” was selected and vice versa
    • Resolved an issue that was showing duplicate entries for Account Elements when updating a mapping in the Account Updater
    • Resolved an issue that occurred when a new user group is added where the list of custom reports was incorrect

Version release notes – (February 26, 2019)

  • Enhancements
    • Creditors may now be given an address, address 2, city, state, zip, and county. This information is also available in DocGen.
    • Debtors are no longer sent for LocateSmarter Bankruptcy or Deceased skip tracing if their SSN is not 4 or 9 digits. A note will be added to the account and the debtor removed from the skip tracing queue
    • Two factor authentication may now be restricted to email or SMS only
    • A lock may now be set for users who have too many failed logins. Administrators can unlock accounts using the Employee Manager
    • Added the option to have a note added when an action code is added or removed from an account
    • Added the Closed/Open Report to the Client Portal
  • Issue Resolution
    • Resolved an issue with balance automation triggering incorrectly
    • Resolved an issue with some automation events firing early for some time zimes
    • Resolved an issue with allowing some phone descriptions to be updated with the debtor updater tool
    • Resolved an issue with action codes intermittently being removed from accounts upon removing letter flows or on-demand letters
    • Resolved an issue that was causing NSF Payment amounts to appear in Payment Plan Overdue totals

Version release notes – (February 12, 2019)

  • New Feature
    • Asynchronous Financial Reporting
  • Enhancements
    • Report Builder Updates
      • Added Legal Fields to Report Builder Output
      • Added Sales Reps to account output
      • Added User Reporting Fields for deleted accounts and deleted transaction fields
      • Sections may be collapsed or expanded by clicking on their titles
      • A new category title “Search” has been added to search for fields instead of direct navigation
      • Added Transaction Internal ID field
    • Added call disposition notes to data exporter and client status reports
    • Optimized the client portal account details page
    • Co-Debtors will no longer automatically have the same Consumer Information Indicator as the main debtor on the account. You can now select a unique Consumer Information Indicator for each co-debtor to be reported.
    • Added “Auto” and “Rental Agreement” Metro2 Account Types
  • Issue Resolution
    • Resolved an issue with the formatting of Payment Reminder emails
    • Resolved an issue with updating custom fields from the Bulk Account Manager
    • Resolved an issue when pulling accounts with SSN dashes when using the Account Updater

Version release notes – (January 22, 2019)

  • New Feature
    • Custom Account Linking – Accounts can now be custom linked/unlinked on the Claim Details page
  • Enhancements
    • Scheduled Reports and exports now pause themselves if they encounter errors
    • A “Custom Reports” page has been added to the Reports tab where reports made in the Report Builder can be run, but not modified
    • Added user group permission for the Custom Reports page as well as each custom report
    • Added debtor relative phones to skip trace result exports.
    • A Report Builder configuration’s creator may now reserve editing permissions to themselves
    • When editing a dropdown list custom field’s options, deleting and reordering don’t apply until Update is pressed
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue in how principal/interest allocations appeared in payment plans when a payment amount was edited
    • Fixed an issue where payment plans would delete the last payment when editing a previous payment
    • Fixed an issue with blank manual fields in the Report Builder
    • Fixed an issue with the Row Number field in Report Builder
    • Fixed an issue with unsigned PDC payments triggering balance automation events
    • Fixed an issue with the transaction importer when using client claim numbers as key identifiers
    • Fixed an issue with saving a dropdown list order in custom field options

Version release notes – (January 8, 2019)

  • Enhancements
    • Added a Reminder category to the Report Builder
    • Increased the timeout period for the Report Builder
    • Added several automated CBR features for Factor Financing enabled PINs
    • Added Sales Rep fields to the Report Builder
    • Hitting the enter key when entering a comment on a DocGen template now saves the comment
    • Added call disposition notes to “Print Notes” option
    • Added custom file type to auto importer
    • Added new Monthly Activity Factor Financing report
    • Added Factor Financing Reports to Report Scheduler
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue in the Report Builder when filtering on values of “0” yielding blank fields as well
    • Fixed an issue in the Account Updater that caused an error when a claim was being added, but neither the interest rate or the client was mapped
    • Fixed an issue with Payments so that automations with PDC Flow payments now only act after a payment is signed
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Debtor Age and No Payment filter options in credit bureau reporting to not filter results when the “Report All” option was used
    • Fixed an issue that was not allowing existing Transaction Allocations to have their names changed
    • Fixed an issue and increased the timeout on Client Portal reports when running larger reports
    • Fixed an issue with client portal disbursement report to show both NSF and regular payments
    • Fixed an issue with adding sliding steps from the Bulk Account Manager

Version release notes – (December 11, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Added “Misc./Number of Rows” field in Report Builder
    • Added a footer results preview in Report Builder
    • Added a descriptive caption to each section to Report Builder
    • Added a help link to each section that displays a popup with more information
    • Added tooltips to the “Group By”, “Add Group Filter”, “Sort Results”, and “Add Footer” buttons in Report Builder
    • When an an unsigned payment is made from the debtor portal, the account note states that it is unsigned
    • Added the ability to have transaction importer mappings set by support to run financial updates asynchronously (only works if support starts the import)
    • Added NSFs to client portal Payments Client Dist report
    • Added interest to payment plan remaining balance summary
    • Added debtor relative names and debtor phones to relative result export
    • Added an archive table to activity logs to help speed up larger PINs
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue that caused errors when an automation event condition had no value
    • Increased timeout on DocGen to allow generation for pins with large numbers of custom fields
    • The “Payments w/ Client Disb.” client portal report no longer shows voided payments

Version release notes – (November 27, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Added all allocation balances to the logic builder
    • Added “current date” filter to Report Builder
    • Added the ability to add financial sliding steps from the Bulk Account Manager
    • Removed the Date of First Delinquency Metro2 requirement for Factor Financing enabled PINs
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue with click to dial for customers using the TCN dialer
    • Fixed an issue with adding a new processor

Version release notes – (November 13, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Added an account automation event based on account creation
    • Added an account automation event to add principle percent fee to AddFee automation action
    • On payment plans created going forward, the plan will show the principal/interest allocation breakdown on each payment
    • Added Repay as a payment processor
    • Added an “Adjustment Added” automation event with conditions
    • Added ability to distribute payments across linked accounts
    • Added interest to top right of payment plan screen
    • Added custom fields to Payment report and Payment Client Distribution report
    • Added Performance enhancements to financial reports to improve run times
    • Added user permission group setting for viewing the legal details tab
    • Added user permission to edit collection status
    • Added user permission to edit referring attorneys
    • Disbursement steps may now be based on dates instead of dollar amounts
    • Added “SSN (No Dashes)” to the Logic Builder
    • Increased the precision of financial calculations
    • Financial updates through the “Apply to Existing Accounts” button in the Client Settings is now asynchronous
    • Added debtor relative skip trace functionality
    • Added debtor relative section to claim details
    • A note will now be added when the masked portion of a Debtor SSN is changed
    • Added “Last Overdue Payment Amount” and “Last Overdue Payment Date” Merge Fields
    • Added “Next Scheduled Payment Amount” and Next Scheduled Payment Date” Merge Fields
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue with metro2 codebtor
    • Fixed an issue with the metro2 total 80 status code in trailer record showing wrong amount
    • Fixed an issue so that the starting PDCs will update whether the pin has accounts that need financials updated or not
    • Fixed an issue so that Debtor Updater now works correctly regardless of the column order on the importing spreadsheet
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the reordering of Call Dispositions
    • When “Update Existing Phones” is selected on a Debtor Updater Mapping, a blank input field will no longer change that phone number’s status to “Unknown”
    • Corrected an issue with the COMM/NONCOMM filter which was causing some incorrect search results to be shown
    • Fixed a bug that was causing error messages to be incorrectly shown when statuses were updated using the Account Updater
    • Added a check to Account Importer and Debtor Updater that will parse HTML encoded characters before import/update
    • Fixed an issue on all Importers/Updaters that was causing them to display 1 more account than what was being imported

Version release notes – (October 23, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Improved the payment plan code and added activity logs for creating, deleting or editing payment plans
    • Added NSFs to the logic builder
    • Added “Include Payments” option to Account Trust Report to also show all payments made from the trust account
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue that occurred with codebtors in Metro2. It now only errors if both the date and SSN are bad. As long as they have one they are good
    • Fixed an issue with async export phones and notes
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Client Importer to error out when multiple custom fields were mapped
    • Fixed a Metro2 issue that was causing certain accounts to be reported with a code 62 when a code 93 was selected
    • Fixed an issue with the Payment Plan Overdue amount in Claim Details to show payments a day before they should be shown
    • Added “Update SSN” checkbox to debtor updater that fixes issues with updating SSN based on account number or client claim

Version release notes – (October 9, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • 3 minutes before a user is automatically logged out for inactivity, a confirmation dialog will appear asking them if they’d like to stay logged in
    • Added a popup ticket form that appears when you click the “Create Ticket” button next to the user menu
    • Added a condition column to the account automation page to show which types of conditions an event has selected
    • Added asynchronous export ability
    • Can now only send Bulk Account Manager emails with async turned on
    • Emails are now always verified with a deep verification level the first time they are sent
    • Added cumulative delinquency date field in payment plans
    • Added account automation event for cumulative delinquency
    • Added account automation event to change metro2 status
    • Added cumulative delinquency date to report builder
    • Added ability to re-order custom field drop down options
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue where custom field filters were getting tied to two filters at the same time
    • Fixed an issue with automation conditions not applying to service based automations
    • Can no longer save automation conditions without selecting a value
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Monthly Drop Report to display month/year out of order
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Client Portal to error out when a name contained special characters
    • Fixed an issue with the YGC 30 report that was causing it to show most transactions twice
    • Fixed an issue with the Uncollectable Quick Report that was causing the “Status” filter to not work correctly

Version release notes – (September 25, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Accounts with a blank “Date of First Delinquency” will now be zero-filled in CBR reports for code 62 (Paid in Full)
    • Added Metro2 Account status codes 84 and 97 as well as Special Comment Code “M” and Compliance Condition Code “XA”
    • Added the ability to split the default payment processor into default CC and default ACH processors. The payment portals will use the default for the payment type that the debtor chooses. This is applicable for situations where different processors are utilized for each
    • Report Builder Additions
      • Added transaction co-collector category
      • Added transaction processing ID field
    • Added an option to the customer manager to show the court number at the top of the claim details tab
    • Added “Balance” to the list of required fields for entering a claim in the client portal
    • Added an option to hide the interest text box when entering a claim in the client portal (uses the client default)
    • Added option to warn the user if a debtor under 18 is being added in the client portal
    • Showing the check window when a cost transaction is entered in the financials tab is now optional
    • Account Automation – Reminders may now be added to the co-collector
    • A custom help link may now be added to the help menu
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue so that payment received automation now only runs for payments
    • Fixed a disbursement issue with attorney overrides
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Bulk Account Manager to pull back incorrect results when a custom field filter was checking to see if the field was blank
    • Fixed an issue that was causing non-recurring payment plans to neglect the most recent overdue payment when summing overdue amounts
    • Fixed an issue that was causing YGC reports to show post-dated payments on the date they were entered instead of the date they were set to run
    • Fixed a typo on Metro2 code 83, from “150 – 189 days past due” to the correct “150 – 179 days past due”
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Account Updater timestamp to use the timezone of the server and not the timezone of the customer

Version release notes – (September 11, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Automatic Exporter Updates
      • Added a file name date format picker that uses mmddyyyy style formatting
      • Added a frequency option to the automatic exporter
      • The automatic exporter can now export report builder configurations
    • Added the ability to mark a transaction as void or NSF in the transaction importer
    • Added the “Transaction Collector” category to the logic builder
    • Added the
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue that was causing any Custom Field drop down options to not be properly deleted
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Custom Field drop down options with special characters to not be deleted
    • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing pop-up notifications to not appear on the correct date
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Total Attorney Fees to also show voided transactions
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Collector Performance Quick Report to show 1 assigned account when no accounts were assigned to a collector

Version release notes – (August 28, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Additional report builder fields
      • Last Payment Amount Field
      • Debtor Name Suffix Field
      • Current Principal, Current Interest, Current Costs, Current Fees, and Current Att. Fees Fields
      • Debtor Employer Address Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip Code, County, Phone Number, Fax Number, Cell Number, and Email Address Fields
      • Last Payment Description Field
      • Transaction Allocation Field
      • Second Debtor Phone Number Category
      • Claim Amount, Interest Start Date, and Note Fields
      • Client Commission Rate Field
      • Referring Name, Contact, Address Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip Code, Email Address, ID #, EIN, Phone Number, Cell Number, Fax Number, Notes, Misc. 1, Misc. 2, Misc. 3, Client Commission Rate Override, and Attorney Cont. Fee Override Fields
      • Phone Disposition Log Number, Time, and Description Fields
    • Added “Last Recurring Pmt Amount” and Last Recurring Pmt Trans. ID docgen fields
    • Added Auto Event “Making Payment” and ability to add % of payment made to Add Fee Auto Action
    • Added Referring auto event condition
    • Added Payment Type auto event condition
    • Added a 3rd party drop down to Ref. Attorney and corresponding label changes in Financials
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue that was causing automation events that were triggered by an automated recurring payment to display the incorrect next payment date and amount
    • Fixed an issue that was not pulling back all phone numbers when “Merge Phones” was selected when exporting accounts
    • Fixed an issue that was causing all “Elapsed Time” automations to fire when a single event fired
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Account updater to add “” to debtors SSN when the SSN field was left blank

Version release notes – (August 14, 2018)

  • New Features
    • New Report Builder Tool available under Reports
    • New Phone Campaign Manager
  • Enhancements
    • Added report builder permissions to user group settings
    • Added Debtor Full Name field to importer and updater
    • Added the ability to reorder fixed width mapping fields
    • Added a fixed width dynamic date format field
    • Added a fixed width v99 currency format for imports
    • Added the ability to delete report history from the Credit Bureau Reporting Tool
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the “Portfolio Report” Quickreport to not pull back accounts when a single day was selected as the date range
    • Fixed an issue that was causing “Elapsed Time” Automation events to keep firing everyday after the time requirement was met
    • Fixed an issue that caused “Elapsed Time” Automation events to happen on clients that were not selected on the automation
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the “Transaction – Simple” Financial Report to incorrectly show non-payments in the overpayment column
    • Fixed an issue with NACHA files sending with incorrect payment ids

Version release notes – (July 24, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Added last payment processor transaction ID to DocGen/export
    • Added collector phone extension and DocGen field
    • Added account updater fixed width file support
    • Added ability to pick whether a transaction description uses payment processing
    • Added filler field for fixed with file importers
    • Added ability to void accounting transactions without voided the corresponding financial transaction
  • Issue Resolution
    • Reporting a debtor with Metro2 status code 11 (Current Account) no longer requires a Date of First Delinquency
    • Fixed an issue that was not allowing custom fields to be saved when there was a custom drop down field on that account
    • Fixed an issue that was causing custom field selected values from one debtor to overwrite another debtors selected values
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Future Payments Quick Report to not show payments that should be in the report

Version release notes – (July 10, 2018)

  • New Features
    • Fixed-Width File Account Importer
    • Fixed-Width Debtor Updater
    • Fixed-Width File Transaction Importer
    • Newly released SimplicityCollect Knowledge Base is available on the Simplicity Collection Software website
  • Enhancements
    • Added Metro2 reporting codes to allow original creditors to report past due ranges.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a typo that was showing on the New Claim page when logged in as a client
    • Fixed a bug that was causing some new employees to show notes/reminders/activity logs etc. from old employees who are no longer active
    • Debtors with multiple addresses now show the addresses in order from newest to oldest, after the primary address
    • Fixed a bug that was causing CompuMail letters to time out

Version release notes – (June 26, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Added option to choose co debtor address to be the same as the debtor in client portal enter claims
    • Factor Financing – Added Holdback Activity Report to client portal reports for factor financing users
    • Added pause function for account imports. Contact support for assistance
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Account Balance automation events using the “When Current Status Is Not” option, to not fire
    • Fixed a bug in Account Automation that was causing the “When Balance Is:” filter under account balance to always show “=” regardless of which option was saved
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the BAM to pull back incorrect results when filtering on “Custom Field Not Equal To” option
    • Fixed a bug where if an Age of Account automation fired, all following Age of Account automations would also fire
    • Added “Agency” column to the Client Statement report that shows the same data as the old “Due to Agency” column
    • Fixed a bug that would allow a column to be added or removed to the used set in the Client Statement Report even if no column was selected

Version release notes – (June 12, 2018)

  • Enhancements
    • Added client accounting report with outstanding balance.
    • Convenience fees now only add in debtor portals if they are in a legal state selected by the user.
    • Increased Timeout on Account Exporter in order to allow larger datasets to complete successfully.
    • Updated Client Statement quick reports and Client Statement client portal reports to include NSF’s.
    • Reworded Client Statement report labels to specify if they were displaying Gross or Net Data. Also added Gross Due Client Column to Client Statement Quick Report.
    • Voiding or NSFing a transaction no longer removes the allocation overrides.
    • Added a client level convenience fee enabled setting.
    • Added a check to Account Importer that will not allow Debtor First/Last name to be mapped if Debtor Company name is mapped and vice versa.
    • Added the ability to mark owed client accounting transactions as paid and add a payment linked to them.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused a blank employer note to be inserted when employer details were saved but no changes had been made.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing an error when deleting Legal Statuses from Legal Status Settings.
    • Fixed a bug that caused custom sub-tabs in the claim details screen to not show in the order that they were entered.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the Collector Performance reports to not show “Not Applied” payments.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Payment Plans Off Schedule report to not show any results for pins that had old payment plan data in the database.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing certain “Age of Account” automation events to not fire.
    • Fixed YGC record 38 error
    • Fixed an issue with NACHA hash totals not truncating to the left
    • Fixed issue with emails not adding from enhanced payment portal
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Doc Folders to not be shown in the correct order.

Version release notes – (May 22, 2018)

  • New Features
    • New Client Accounting Tool v2.0 released – Added reconciliation tool for client accounting
  • Enhancements
    • Changed “Principal Only” columns to “No Interest” in client statement to reflect what the columns actually show
    • Added a permission for setting default letter flow rules under Miscellaneous
    • Optimized some financial reports processing times
    • Added debtor internal ID as exporter and updater fields in the Debtor Updater.
    • Letter Automation – Configure
      • Added a button for setting default letter flow rules in Letter Automation – Config
    • Credit Bureau Reporting
      • Added a filter to the Credit Bureau Tools that filters accounts based on a specified (or any) letter within a specified timeframe.
      • Added a filter to the Credit Bureau Tools that filters accounts that have not made a payment within a specified number of days.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the Account Importer would not add new action codes to the database.
    • Fixed a bug where users were not able to view, edit or delete custom messages with curly braces in them
    • The netted column in the transaction grid in the financials tab now shows when there is a netted payment

Version release notes – (May 8, 2018)

  • New Features
    • New Client Accounting Tool v1.0 released
  • Enhancements
    • Improved date-picker calendar button positioning.
    • Disabled date-picker calendar buttons are now gray.
    • Vertically centered the [Create Work-list] button at the top right corner of the screen.
    • Improved look and functionality of user’s menu.
    • The inventory report now falls back on the entered date for the date range if there isn’t an account received date.
    • Letter Automation – Configure
      • Added an account status filter to the letter flow rules.
      • Added an action code filter to the letter flow rules.
      • Added a state filter to the letter flow rules.
      • Added a bad address filter to the global letter flow rules.
      • Added an age filter to the global letter flow rules.
      • Letter flows now cancel letters to debtors without an address listed.
      • When a fulfillment return file specifies that an address is bad, but does not provide a new address, the debtor’s primary address is marked as bad.
      • Reworded some options, renamed Global Rules to Letter Flow Rules and Universal Rules to Fulfillment Settings, and added a Global Letter Flow Rules section.
    • Credit Bureau Reporting
      • Added “Account Age Range to Report” in Client Settings that will limit all results to Accounts within the specified range.
      • Added filter to limit results based on minimum Debtor age. Debtors with no DOB are assumed to be over 18.
      • Enhanced process logging and error handling.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Got rid of the horizontal scrollbar that is always on the bottom of the site.
    • Improvements to Base Commerce integration that will hopefully fix recent issues.
    • Aged account automation now uses the service’s next run day rather than the current date
    • Green eCheck transactions now auto-increment check number.
    • YGC Integration
      • Fixed suit_issued_date field in record 41
      • Record 41 now places the judgment amount in the suit_amt field

 Version release notes – (April 24, 2018)

  • New Features
    • 476: New Focus1 Letter Fulfillment Integration
    • 476: New Focus1 Letter Fulfillment Integration
    • 454: Factor Financing – Added holdback activity report
    • 456: Factor Financing – When a payment is made and there are unremitted holdback debits a remit is made from the payment⦁ 473: Added ability to add METRO2 settings for individual co-debtors.
  • Enhancements
    • 502: YGC – Added status change to YGC changelog
    • 502: YGC – Added status change to YGC changelog
    • 502: YGC – updated the software so that status changes use the status pcode while regular notes use the default pcode in record 39
    • 328: Implemented a new fallback system for report scheduler that tries to use Amazon email servers first if the email attachments are less that 10 Mb
    • 456: Factor Financing – Holdback debits no longer apply to the financial balance or payment plan
    • File updates are now archived instead of deleted.
    • 489: The “day of month” view in the payment agreement date picker has no month/day of week headers and always shows 31 days.
    • 489: The “day of week” view in the payment agreement date picker has no month header and has a 1st-5th day selection for each day of the week.
    • 489: The “day-of-month” and “day-of-week” selections in the payment agreement date picker convert based on the month selected in the first payment date text box (ie. in Mar. ’18, the 6th will convert to the 1st Tuesday)
    • 491: Transaction Importer mappings now require a Transaction Date and Transaction Amount.
    • 511: YGC – When a judgment date is added to an account it will mark the account for update to YGC in record 41
    • 509: Added “Original Creditor Number” to Data Exporter and Mail Merge.
    • 400: Added NSFs to the Collector Performance and Collector Commissions reports
    • 501: YGC – ADDITIONAL_COST YGC field now adds a cost adjustment on import for record 01
  • Bug Fixes
    • The frequency and convenience fee sections of the payment agreement page are no longer editable when there is an existing agreement.
    • The frequency and convenience fee sections of the payment agreement page are no longer editable when there is an existing agreement.
    • Date picker buttons are no longer clickable when their associated text boxes are disabled.
    • Quick search menu no longer flashes when not in use with Firefox
    • 491: Fixed bug that caused the transaction importer to accept transactions that should have caused an error when the date fields were missing.
    • 491: Fixed a bug that caused the transaction importer to show the incorrect number of transactions while they were being imported.
    • Warning messages about transactions before claims no longer appear when transaction is voided or not applied.

Version release notes – (April 10, 2018)

  • New Features
    • 455: Factor Financing – Added filter options for vested and suspended to holdback ledger
    • 457: Factor Financing – Added ability to add account number to holdback ledger
    • 485: Factor Financing – Added account automation action to add holdback credit for claims
    • 451: Factor Financing – Added status filter to initial advance factor financing report
    • 451: Factor Financing – Added account number hyperlink to initial advance factor financing report
  • Enhancements
    • 215: Improved efficiencies on claim details and payment plan tabs so that they now load quicker.
    • 439: Added [Unassigned] option to the “Assign to User” account automation action.
    • 438: Added a send now button to “Letter Automation – Run” that immediately runs all pending letters.
    • 403: Added ability to rearrange Call dispositions to any order. Also added option to allow selected dispositions to set a phone number to bad when selected.
    • 453: Factor Financing – Changed description to note and added description id to holdback transactions
    • 453: Factor Financing – Made it so that only new import holdback transaction are subject to suspense period
    • 424: Increased timeout for docgen from 30 to 60
    • 482: Added Debtor Deceased Date to Merge Fields.
    • 451: Factor Financing – Added debtor name to factor financing initial advance report
    • Datepickers should now highlight the currently selected day of month, no matter which month is visible.
    • 480: Added Payment Plan Settlement Met as account automation event.
    • Added Payment plan calculation efficiency improvements
    • Account notes added from claim details now add a YGC note update record
  • Bug Fixes
    • 474: The worklist back button should only go back to accounts that are in the worklist.
    • 471: Fixed bug caused by including convenience fees in collector dashboard. This was preventing anything from showing up for post-dated and future payments
    • Fixed email search to support multiple emails
    • Fixed recurring payments bug with Echeck
    • Fix for client statement bleeding over to two pages in PDF with default columns
    • Fix for adding emails and documents in client portals
    • Fixed format for Bankruptcy Scrub MiscDate to not have time so it will work with LocateSmarter’s system

Version release notes – (March 27, 2018)

  • New Features
    • Making any changes to an employer now automatically creates a note about what has changed. Employer notes are independent of debtor and will show on other debtors with the same employer. Notes that are deleted are archived but not deleted from the database.
    • Factor Financing – Entering claims in client portal now runs Factor Financing logic to enter a holdback credit for a percent of the claim amount just like the clean screen.
    • Factor Financing – Added option to disable client portal client file uploading.
  • Enhancements
    • The date picker now highlights the current day on every month (ex. if today is 3/27, then it will also highlight 4/27, 5/27, etc.)
    • Improved the “Frequency Settings” UI on both the Payment Plan tab of an account and the Payment Portal.
    • Added error handling for FileSizeException on UploadFiles and increased the upload limit to 40 Mb.
    • Added HTML sanitizer to correct bug where HTML codes (ex. &#039) caused everything on the account screen to not work for certain accounts.
    • Added option to exclude currency symbol ($) from check printing. Also changed currency symbol to use global currency symbol.
    • Added mapping tab under YGC settings where you can map the 3 YGC identifier fields to one of 4 Simplicity fields.
    • Accounts imported from YGC now default to New Import status.
    • If a status is changed that zeroes out the balance, the “Account Balance” status automation event is triggered.
    • If an adjustment is added to an account through the importer when the balance doesn’t match the imported balance, then the “Account Balance” status automation event is triggered.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Payment plan frequency changing mid-plan have been resolved.
    • Fixed a bug that caused automated payment emails to return the incorrect payment amounts or no amounts at all.
    • Hid deprecated financial option if it isn’t already being used.
    • Changed cutoff date for metro2 reporting to 81 months.
    • Fixed error that caused Async bulk actions to freeze if they were performed on 0 accounts.

Version release notes – (February 27, 2018)

  • New Features
    • Factor Financing – Can now enter a single co-debtor from client portal
    • Factor Financing – Client portal co-debtor can be marked as guarantor
    • Added Tools > File Importing > Document Splitter. This page allows you to upload a text file that contains an account number at the top, information and then a terminator line such as “–End Document–“. After you copy in the document terminator it will read in the document, split it up into a single document for each account and add it to the DocLib.
    • Added the Green eCheck payment processor (only supports ACH payments)
  • Enhancements
    • Added a new datepicker control to the application
    • Updated code masked input fields for phones, dates, and SSNs i.e. ___-___-____ for phones and __/__/___ for dates.
    • Pop up notifications are now ordered by date created
    • Creating or updating a pop up notification will cause a preview to appear so you can see what it will look like live
    • Can now choose text format and delimiter for data exports
    • Company name should now show on legal reports
    • Added DocGen notes to Note Export
    • Added option to include NSFs with the original payment in financial payment reports
    • Factor Financing reports now hidden if factor financing is turned off
    • The custom search results menu item’s visibility no longer depends on the Settings menu’s visibility
    • Added additional error reporting to payment processing.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Selecting “Print check now” when adding a cost transaction in the finances tab now correctly lists the check status as printed.
    • Printing a queued check from the accounting tab now changes the check status to printed.
    • When switching from a processor that supports Credit Cards to one that doesn’t, the payment method drop down automatically switches to ACH.

Version release notes – (February 13, 2018)

  • New Features
    • Factor Financing – Added bank account and routing numbers to client settings
    • Factor Financing – Added Initial Advance report. This shows all claims multiplied by the Initial Advance in the factor financing settings
    • Factor Financing – Added Supplemental Distribution report. This shows the amount of the holdback reserve account that is above the holdback reserve cap set in the factor financing settings. This amount is owed to the client
    • Factor Financing – The holdback suspense period setting prevents positive holdback transactions from affecting the holdback reserve balance until the have “vested” or passed the suspense period.
    • Factor Financing – If there is an overpayment the excess will be applied to the holdback account if there were any previously missed payments. This will also add an adjustment to the account to reflect money going to the holdback reserve
    • Factor Financing – If a debtor misses a payment on a payment plan the holdback reserve will be debited during the nightly service and applied to the account.
    • Factor Financing – Added holdback reserve account for clients with the ability to add, void or delete transactions
    • Factor Financing – Added client level factor financing settings under Settings > Clients > Factor Financing Tab. If not set these will use the global settings.
    • Factor Financing – under Settings >  Administrators added a Factor Financing global settings page where you can set and save settings
    • Factor Financing – Added option in customer manager to turn factor financing on or off
  • Enhancements
    • YGC – reorganized the YGC settings screen to hopefully make it flow better
    • Added activity log for tickler page visit
    • Made it so that any financial transaction description used on a financial transaction cannot be deleted
    • Added progress text, a back button, and a skip button to the worklist bar.
    • When the user clicks Save on the claim details page, all inputs are sanitized before saving (any characters pairs that would cause a “A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client” error are separated by a ‘|’ character).
    • YGC – Fixed codebtor fields import
    • YGC – Fixed creditor import
    • YGC – Fixed debtor address import
    • YGC – Added ability to import YGC txt files from the settings page
    • YGC – Pcodes now sorted by code
    • Fixed [All] dropdown in DBAdmin page to actually run scripts on all databases (Development Only)
    • Removed “closed” as a trigger for Metro2 status 62
    • Added a description, column tooltips, and report formulas to the Portfolio Dashboard Report under Quick Reports.
    • You can now set an import mapping to auto-fill the claim-received date if it’s empty in the spreadsheet.
    • You can now set an import mapping to skip accounts with clients that don’t already exist
    • Uploading bulk account files through the client portal now has its own permission in the client settings rather than being controlled by the permission to add accounts manually.
    • The Inventory report (quick reports) has been optimized (make sure all filters still work).
    • After an adjustment is added through the financials page, an account note is automatically added.
    • Added ability to upload text files in YGC format directly from YGC settings page
    • Increased the maximum length for the SSN from 11 to 20 characters.
    • Added user group permissions for viewing the Financials and Accounting tabs.
    • Improved the layout of the user groups settings page.
    • Sales commission report now has an option to use only agency or agency + attorney for commissions
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a typo (“paymnets”) in the “Payment Reports” financial report’s description.
    • The sales commission report no longer skips sales reps that either haven’t been assigned to a client or are assigned to a client without any accounts with payments.
    • Apostrophes in the “SimplicityCollect Alert” dialogs no longer have backslashes before them.
    • The report formulas dialog on the Quick Reports page now has the title “Report Formulas” instead of “SimplicityCollect Alert”.
    • Fixed custom messages from not working with custom fields or no fields at all
    • Fix for collection status condition not working on account automation
    • Fixed “bankrupties” spelling in skip trace settings
    • Fixed balance change automation event to work with adjustments  .
    • The Financials Column Visibility settings popup (a gear button on the top-left of the transactions grid) now works correctly and is persistent for each user.
    • Added fixes for YGC debtor address, account creditor and codebtor fields

Version release notes – (January 23, 2018)

  • New Features
    • Phone Dispositions – you can now add phone dispositions to the notes and manage those dispositions (only admins can manage).  In future releases you can expect new profitability reports tied to call dispositions.  These dispositions will also help gauge skip tracing effectiveness.
    • Simplicity staff can now update admin user rights.
  • Enhancements
    • Added debtor suffix export field.
    • “No payments made since” filter now includes accounts that don’t have ANY payments.
    • Added company option to encrypt obfuscate portal passwords
    • If an account does NOT have a judgment, the financial summary tab shows a heading of “Account Summary” rather than “Pre-Judgment”.  Once a judgment is entered, the column name changes to “pre-judgment” and a post-judgment column appears.
    • Added user group rights for report groups.
    • Added a debug SQL box for Quick Reports and Financial Reports (Simplicity staff only).
    • Added the ability for support to mark accounts for financial update in the Bulk Account Manager (BAM) tool. (Simplicity staff only)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed filters in client reports.
    • Custom drop down fields now work in Legal Details tab.
    • “Payment Plan Fulfilled” auto action now only fires if every payment in the payment plan shows a “paid in full” status.
    • Fixed the spelling of “Elapsed” in the account automation page.
    • Fix for phone statuses and descriptions not working in debtor updater if no other fields have been mapped.

Version release notes – (December 12, 2017)

  • New Features
    • Created new report “Monthly Drop”, left column is account received month/year, other columns are dates of financial transactions for those accounts broken down by month/year.
    • Added ability to mark debtors for skip tracing on account import.
    • Can now manually override allocations and disbursements on convenience fees.
    • YGC account imports now show in the imported-on filter.
  • Enhancements
    • Balance automation event now shows current balance amount set.
    • Changed skip trace internal mapping to use column headers instead of indexes to prevent errors if remote changes to the column order are made.
    • Payments – Simple now includes future payments, last payment date, last payment amount and the judgement amount for each account.
    • Bam tool a-sync now works with percentage or chosen number of accounts
    • Removed convenience fees from Pending Payment Processing Report and legal report 48.
    • Improved e-mail sending / validation.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Updated client performance, future payments to accurately reflect future payment amount.
    • Resolved an issue where the Metro2 would report 12/12/9999 as date of birth, where no birth date was included.
    • Resolved issue where the individual recovery report was missing positive portion of NSF payments.
    • Incoming YGC FILENO and FORW_FILE fields now map to account number and client claim number respectively.
    • Resolved issue where the metro2 would have the wrong value for the record descriptor word.
    • Issue resolved for debtors marked for skip tracing – marked count.
    • Resolved issue where transaction types couldn’t be deleted.

Version release notes – (November 28, 2017)

  • New Features
    • Deceased Skip Tracing.
    • Added ability to download all DocLib documents for an account in single zip file.
    • Soft linked balance has been added to DocGen and account export.
    • Added ability to link accounts to QuickBooks in bulk from BAM (Bulk Account Manager).
  • Enhancements
    • Ticklers have been renamed to Reminders.
    • Activity codes now have a label and a longer description. Descriptions are added to the notes when “add activity code” is clicked.
    • Max DocLib upload file size limit has been increased to 20MB.
    • Can now choose a disbursement type when sending a transaction to Quick Books.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with client status report bunching notes from different accounts together.
    • Fixed an issue where metro2 stored results would come up blank on subsequent result queries.
    • Collector dashboard now defaults payment transactions to account collector, if payment is not designated for a specific collector.

Version release notes – (November 14, 2017)

  • Enhancement – Overdue payments can now be reset if the global client setting of “skip overdue payments” is enabled
  • Enhancement – A system generated company note is added each time the skip budget is changed
  • Enhancement – Added the option for COMM NONCOMM in client portal when entering new claims
  • Enhancement – API AddAccount function now has an “AccountType” field for marking added accounts as COMM or NONCOMM
  • Enhancement – Changing the company email address will update all payment reminders containing the old email with the newly added email address
  • Enhancement – Clicking “Apply Filters” will make any custom field filters stick across all pages
  • Enhancement – Added option to include or exclude transactions marked as “**Not Applied**” to the financial reports
  • Enhancement – Added the option to include convenience fees in Collector Performance Report (this will only affect Unassigned values since convenience fees aren’t assigned)
  • Enhancement – Gave convenience fees their own transaction type (This means that by default they will be excluded from reports that only include Payment type transactions) A user can still create transaction descriptions with the Convenience Fee type if they wanted to
  • Enhancement – The check box for including convenience fees on the financial reports is redundant and has been removed (this change was due to making convenience fees its own transaction type)
  • Enhancement – YGC transaction file 30s are now sent to a queue and can be viewed, sent, or downloaded from YGC settings
  • Enhancement – Added ability to view or download any supported YGC Record in YGC settings
  • Enhancement – Added a user menu where logout used to be.  This user menu includes user settings, logout, and custom search results if the user has permission via user group settings
  • Enhancement – Updated Client Report Simple to be grouped by client
  • Enhancement – Merged the “change status on account balance” functionality from collection status settings into the account automation tool
  • Enhancement – Added “add fee” to the account automation tool
  • Enhancement – Added client filter, group by date, and history totals to skip trace history table
  • Enhancement – Added sorting capabilities to the sent and hits columns in skip trace history and created expanding capabilities to show the details of each skip trace batch. Removed the old skip trace results page as the results are now viewable in the history table
  • Enhancement – Added “sort by Debtor Name” in account filter order by drop down
  • Enhancement – Added last skip date time icon for phone and address skip history.  This icon appears next to the “Mark for Skip” button and is only visible if skip tracing is enabled
  • Enhancement – Disbursements can now be set to a percentage type for convenience fees
  • Enhancement – Added internal logging when a user exports accounts, notes or phones. Accessible only by Simplicity Staff
  • Enhancement – Added ability to email and generate PDFs from the BAM tool
  • Bug Fix – Payment plans now only trigger a paid in full event if ALL payments have “Paid in Full” status
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the weird labels on the column list boxes for the client statement report. They now appear on top instead of on the bottom side
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the collection status description window would disappear after deleting a status
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug where YGC ftp downloader was only pulling files with numbered extensions
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug where debtor portal payments weren’t getting queued to Quickbooks
  • Bug Fix – Accounts added via the Simplicity API now get set up with default financial values, interest rates, etc from clients
  • Bug Fix – Fix for partial payments duplicating on payment plans where overdue payments are skipped
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug when trying to remove a saved credit card and add a new one without refreshing the page
  • Bug Fix – Updated the UI on Pop up Notification creator so the message doesn’t go blank after editing

Version release notes – (October 25, 2017)

  • NEW FEATUREAddress skip tracing.
    • Can now mark debtors for phone and address skip trace in claim details.
    • Can mark debtors for address and phone skip trace from Bulk Account Manager (BAM) Tool.
    • Added results display for address skips.
    • Skip history can be filtered by skip type (phone, address, etc.).
    • Added internal skip date to phones and addresses.
    • Added ability to customize the default description for incoming skipped phone numbers.
    • Updated skip trace setting screen to enable or disable skip services
    • Address and Phone skip services have separate budgets and totals
    • Enhancement – Added “Waiting” skip history status. The life-cycle of a skip trace now goes Pending -> Waiting – > Processing -> Processed. Waiting is after it has been sent to LocateSmarter.
    • Company type (commercial) debtors can now be skipped.
    • New Pie Chart showing amount collected filtered by date range.
    • Posted payments and Future payments are now filtered by date range.
  • Note Enhancement – Notes now have a source field that shows where the note was created from.
  • Bug fixes for Doclib Export errors when debtor name had quotes or other “weird” characters in it and made it so the export section doesn’t hide after starting the export.
  • Added check box for “allow errors” and “remove accounts past reporting limit” for Credit Bureau Reporting (CBR) tool.

Version release notes – (October 11, 2017)

  • New Feature – Added check distribution feature in Bulk Transaction Manager. This will allow the user to split up a lump sum payment between different accounts. The transactions will be “linked” so if one is voided or deleted so will the others
  • Enhancement – Added ability to select files from YGC’s FTP to import into Simplicity under YGC Settings
  • Enhancement – Added enhancements to the collector dashboard to show amount collected net, post dates on file net amount, and overdue payments net amount which show the amounts based on the agency fee rather than the gross payment.
  • Enhancement – Added option to updates descriptions and statuses of phone numbers in debtor updater
  • Enhancement – Added ability to send YGC record 30 when entering a transaction
  • Enhancement – Added option to reset statuses when resetting payment plan to pending
  • Enhancement – Added linked balance to top right of claim details
  • Enhancement – added view account access functionality to group permissions
  • Enhancement – added option to include co-debtor in Metro 2 individually from the claim details page
  • Enhancement – Collector Commission Report now includes a column for date entered which represents the date that the payment was scheduled for post dated payments and payment plans.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where accounts without DoB or SSN would not error out in Metro2 report
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where Data Exporter would alphabetize columns in export fields box after columns were manually sorted.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the data exporter would crash if a custom field was missing it’s name
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where balance would be deducted in payment portal when payment is awaiting signature.

Version release notes – (September 27, 2017)

  • New Feature – Added a “Bulk Transaction Manager” for easily inserting several transactions into different accounts from the same screen.
  • New Feature – Added user access permissions for “Bulk Transaction Manager”.
  • Enhancement – Marking Letter Flows complete now notates the account.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to search by debtor company name via the API.
  • Enhancement – “Skip Overdue Payments” option now skips applying transactions to scheduled payments.
  • Enhancement – Added user permissions for accessing the custom notification manager.
  • Enhancement – Added “account automation” action to send custom email notifications.
  • Enhancement – Added co-debtor credit bureau reporting.
  • Enhancement – Credit Bureau Reporting Tool now remembers the last credit bureau IDs entered.
  • Enhancement – Added custom notification preview button to claim details screen.
  • Enhancement – Added METRO2 settings popup to Bulk Account Manager (BAM) Tool.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to use “custom notifications” for letter flows.
  • Enhancement – Added Extension option for Vaspian Dialer.
  • Enhancement – Made some efficiency code changes to the way that checks and adjustments behave.
  • Enhancement – The client statement reports can now dynamically show and hide desired columns.
  • Enhancement (Simplicity Staff Only) – Made several changes to the ticket tracker to show tasks that are currently in development and have the ability to filter by those tasks as well.
  • Enhancement (Simplicity Staff Only) – Made the Temp PIN Manager async so it can easily handle larger PINS.
  • Bug Fix – Signature checkbox for payment agreement signature can now be checked before creating an agreement.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the warning for changing a custom field data type was being shown for every update.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where filtering by skip trace date on the same to and from dates would return 0 results.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the emailer was creating a file with a non-unique name causing the Bulk Account Manager (BAM) Tool to crash.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an error where checking the “Pre-Judgment Costs/Fees included in judgment amount” would now allocate financials correctly.

Version release notes – (September 13, 2017)

  • New Feature – Custom notification tool was developed and deployed.  Users can now create notifications using the custom notification manager, send custom notifications from claim details screen, and send custom notifications from Bulk Account Manager.  This new tool can be found under Tools->Custom Notification Manager
  • Enhancement – Added Metro2 settings modal on clean screen next to “report to bureaus”. Causes certain codes to show up on CBR report for that account
  • Enhancement – Removed convenience fees from future payments report
  • Enhancement – Debtors will no longer get an additional reminder email for the payment agreement convenience fee
  • Enhancement – Bulk Account Manager tool now has a filter for skip trace dates and type
  • Enhancement – Added assign to Attorney action in Bulk Account Manager tool
  • Enhancement – (Simplicity Support Team Only) – Added Temp Pin manager for keeping track of, creating and deleting temp pins
  • Enhancement – Added Creditor name to API AddDebtor function
  • Enhancement – Added account custom fields to API AddDebtor function
  • Enhancement – Added company type debtor to API AddAccount function
  • Enhancement – Custom fields can now be hidden per user group
  • Enhancement – Added account automation events skip trace successful, reported to credit bureaus
  • Enhancement – Added auto-action “report to credit bureau” to the Account Automation tool.
  • Bug Fix – Recurring payment plans now show co-co-collector in financial transaction history.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where subsequent downloads of the same credit bureau report would be different form the original download
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where account financials were updated when an account note was added through the updater
  • Bug Fix – Removed the second “Save Payment” button on payment plan popup
  • Bug Fix – Added error handling for sFTP get files in auto importer and exporter.

Version release notes – (August 22, 2017)

  • Enhancement – Added Ability to export skip trace results to CSV
  • Enhancement – Skip tracing will now send every 5 minutes over the course of the day
  • Enhancement – Added Skip trace fee column to company payment history
  • Enhancement – Bulk Account Manager tool now has the option to filter by “Days assigned to collector”
  • Enhancement – Worklist detail columns are now sortable
  • Enhancement – can now add co-co-collector to payment agreement on payment plan screen
  • Enhancement – Metro2 has been revamped. “report all” makes an async file request which can be downloaded from metro2 history at bottom of page
  • Enhancement – Metro2 report history added. old reports can be re-downloaded form list. “accounts” link links to bad accounts requested but not included in report
  • Enhancement – Added “AddFile” function to API to upload documents to accounts
  • Enhancement – Added several new fields for API “AddAccount” function including co-debtor fields, employer, claim info and debtor addresses
  • Enhancement – Companies type debtors can now be skip traced
  • Bug Fix – Payment portal now activates the “Payment Received” automation process
  • Bug Fix – skip trace fee is now added to company transactions total amount

Version release notes – (August 8, 2017)

  • Enhancement – Added max settlement amount to payment agreement and claim details page. This feature allows clients to set a settlement amount that will show for each account where a payment plan or settlement is not already in effect.
  • Enhancement – Added custom field support to financial reports. Now customer fields can be selected as part of the financial reports.
  • Enhancement – Added text delimiter for auto-exporter.
  • Enhancement – Enabled Auth.Net sandbox support for beta testing. This enables more in-depth testing of features like recurring payments, payment plans, etc prior to production roll out.
  • Enhancement – Added missing YGC record 42.
  • Enhancement – NSF and voids will now show up as negative on the Collector Performance Report.
  • Enhancement – Denied payment plan convenience fees will now be marked as denied.
  • Bug Fix – Account information will no longer be saved if account number is blank. This is to safeguard against data sometimes being erased.
  • Bug Fix – Re-enabled pop up that notifies when a worklist has been completed instead of just hiding the buttons.
  • Bug Fix – Generic fix for updating custom fields.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issues with FTPS on auto-import and exporters.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issues when trying to add custom fields to the filter configurations.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed debtor name issue in print notes.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for debtor updater to allow updating of multiple phone statuses and descriptions.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for tickler importer.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issues with PDCFlow in the enterprise debtor portal.
  • Bug Fix – Made payment processing pop up part of page instead to avoid issues with it not appearing in some cases.

Version release notes – (July 25, 2017)

  • New Feature – Added LocateSmarter integration for integrated Skip Tracing.  To activate this feature go to Settings->Administrators->Skip Trace Settings.
  • New Feature – Disbursements can now be ordered with total amounts to fill before being split by percentage.  Default is set to $0 for each disbursement.
  • New Feature – Added click-to-dial features for Vaspian Dialer Integration.
  • Enhancement – Client Info from claim details now includes a client notes table.
  • Enhancement – Automatic Export Manager can now export notes with an option to include transaction notes under “Export Type”.
  • Enhancement – Added new custom field type “Drop Down List”.  This allows users to create and pick from a set list of options.  This option works with the Account Importer, Updater, and Exporter tools as well.
  • Enhancement – Redesigned the Account Automation page to make the steps for adding a new automation event clearer.  Also added logging to the Account Automation Tool to include information on the last time an Automation event was updated and the user that updated it.
  • Enhancement – Metro2 file format and rules have been overhauled and updated to ensure compliance and efficiency.  Accounts with bad fields are now removed from the Metro2 report and logged, good accounts are added to the report.
  • Enhancement – Added Judgment Expiration Date to the docgen/export fields.
  • Enhancement – Added a global option to skip denied payments (support must enable this).
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the Account Importer so that when accounts are lumped together it ignores SSN hyphens and standardizes the formatting.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed problems with the columns being switched for Individual Recovery Report NSF transactions.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed several issues related to worklists not working correctly.
  • Bug Fix –  Fixed issue where new accounts are automatically assigned to the first alphabetical user if that user creating account can only view own accounts.

Version release notes – (July 11, 2017)

  • Enhancement -Status Automation Manager has been renamed to Account Automation Manager.
  • Enhancement – Added “Days before payment event”, “Change client”, “Add Action Code”, and “Move to User Queue” actions to the Account Automation Manager.
  • Enhancement – Payments marked as NSF can now be edited on the financials page.
  • Enhancement – Added NSF Date column to the transactions table.
  • Enhancement – Client Statement Report can now be filtered to show the principal balance and payments made towards the principal.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to make payments through the debtor portal without having to have SSN.

Version release notes – (June 28, 2017)

  • New Feature – Added a “Print Notes” button to allow printing of notes on selected accounts.
  • New Feature – Added Client Collector Commission.  This new option is available in the employee settings and may be used in lieu of the regular collector commission.  The client collector commission will only apply to payments made on accounts within that client.
  • New Feature – The Collector Dashboard “post dates” section now uses the filter dates selected instead of a static 30 days.
  • Enhancement – Added Transaction ID to Payment Processing Report.
  • Enhancement – DocGen on the Claim Details tab now allows generating documents via PDF and Word for printing and emailing.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to add references for accounting auto actions.  Checks should automatically populate with the correct values.
  • Enhancement – Added a check to prevent payment transactions from being edited with a negative amount.
  • Enhancement – Added ReAge Account Auto Action to the Automation Tool.
  • Enhancement – Added Payment Received account auto event to the Automation Tool.
  • Enhancement – Added restrictions so you can no longer delete account filters if they are being used in an automatic export configuration.
  • Enhancement – When is selected as a payment processor, a drop list now appears for entry code allow the selection of web or phone.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Worklist Manager to allow for collectors to be assigned to more than one worklist at a time.
  • Bug Fix – YGC firm_ID now shows correctly in the FTP to YGC files.
  • Bug Fix – Restored functionality of the Data Exporter column ordering.
  • Bug Fix – When creation new accounts, it now applies default values in client settings for Apply to Post-Judgment payments.
  • Bug Fix – Credit Bureau Tools now limits the amount of accounts shown to 500 to prevent timeout issues.  Also added a Report All button to generate reports for all accounts including those not shown.
  • Bug Fix – Debtor is now allowed only one primary address.

Version release notes – (June 13, 2017)

  • New Feature – Added a setting (Settings->Clients) to control the max percentage off of the balance a settlement for a payment plan can be.  Also incorporated group permission settings for this feature.
  • New Feature – Replaced the Status Automation Tool with the more general Account Automation Tool.  This is the first step to adding complete automation for all Simplicity features.
  • New Feature – Added the ability to change or clear the next work date in the Bulk Account Manager.
  • New Feature – Payment Plan tab now displays Current Balance/Settlement Amount , Amount Paid, and Amount Still Due if a payment plan is created.
  • New Feature – Added Unsigned Payments QuickReport to the Quick Report dropdown list.
  • Enhancement – Added Transaction ID column to the Payment Processing Report.
  • Enhancement – Debtor Updater Tool (Tools->File Updating->Debtor Updater) can now update work phones, other phones, and phone descriptions.
  • Enhancement – Added “Debtor Name” column to Payment Processing Report
  • Enhancement – Client Statement Quick Report now includes option for a Commission column.  When selected, this column removes negative values from “Due Client” Column
  • Enhancement – Added a fix so the Emailer checks that SMTP fields are filled in correctly if SMTP is set.
  • Enhancement – Added “Client Address” to Client Statement QuickReport
  • Enhancement – Buttons in Ticklers now remember their previous setting if a page is changed.
  • Enhancement – Improved application and database performance when deleting transactions that have checks associated.
  • Enhancement – Setting up a new payment plan with convenience fees will now show the convenience fees in the plan. Only convenience fee type financial transactions will apply to the payment plan convenience fees whether they apply to the balance or not.
  • Enhancement – NSFing a financial transaction will now add an NSF to the payment plan if a payment plan exists. This new transaction won’t be used for any calculations in the payment plan, they will just appear as a visual aid.
  • Enhancement – Added a check to make sure the same number of rows get returned for each export data type to help prevent issues with the debtor information being incorrect in exports and bulk generated docs.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for searching grid not sorting correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for financials not updating when balance is changed by the importer.
  • Bug Fix – Fix for data exporter scrambling results when exporting and using “order results by”.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed last payment data export field and claim details field to exclude post-dated payments.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where there could be 2 primary phones #s of the same type when one was updated.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where billing first name and last name were not stored in the database when using pdc4u with a credit card.

Version release notes – (May 23, 2017)

  • New Feature – Added a “Client Export Tool” to Settings->Clients so clients can now be easily exported.
  • Enhancement – Added a client filter to the client portal reports which will only appear for grouped clients.
  • Enhancement – Added Portfolio Liquidation Report to the client portal reports.  This is disabled by default but can be easily enabled under Settings->Clients if you would like your clients to have access to this report.
  • Enhancement – Voids no longer show on “Future Payments Report”.
  • Enhancement – Added Client Claim Number to the Client Portal Payments with Notes Report.
  • Enhancement – Worklist Manger filter has been updated to match the account filter elsewhere in Simplicity.
  • Enhancement – Auto Import and Export permissions now require explicitly import and export permissions respectively.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed “Total Attorney Fees” from not exporting or populating in DocGen.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Bulk Account Manager (BAM) async bulk action grid so it shows the 5 most recent actions plus any pending, working, or actions with documents to download.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the 61 table error that was appearing when trying to generate documents.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an accounting auto action bug that would leave an account auto action even after you deleted a financial transaction.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the Credit Bureau Screen was pulling duplicate accounts if the account had multiple action codes selected.

Version release notes – (May 9, 2017)

  • Enhancement – Added a client group option under the client portal section of Settings > Clients
o Add, Edit and Delete group functions
o Should be able to filter clients by group
o A client portal user should be able to see all accounts from all grouped clients
o Client Portal Reports should also include all grouped clients
  • Enhancement – Added Portfolio Dashboard and Payments with Notes Quick Reports to the Client Portal
  • Enhancement – Updated group permissions to include the ability to restrict or add all menu items under the tools menu
  • Enhancement – Added client claim number to Payments with Notes Report
  • Enhancement – Accounting Auto-Action checks will now void if the financial transaction they came in on is voided
  • Enhancement – Client Report status description filter now loads all descriptions by default
  • Enhancement – Changes made in Settings->Company/CC Settings or in customer manager that affect recurring payments will now be notated
  • Enhancement – Added new Company Tax Id number field in Company/CC settings.  This field is used in the Summary of Trust Account Report
  • Enhancement – Added “Last Access Date” to the Export Fields
  • Bug Fix – Last Payment Date, Amount and Netted Amount have been fixed to include CC payments
  • Bug Fix – Mail Merge code has been changed on the back end to fix some processing errors.
  • Bug Fix – Issues with adding post-dated payment reminders were fixed
  • Bug Fix – Fixed aesthetic bug that caused things in settings->clients to overlap in the screen was zoomed in
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the Transaction Simple Report from showing over payments if the balance is $0
  • Bug Fix – Fixed user permission where if user had “Edit notes” on they could delete notes

Version release notes – (April 25, 2017)

  • New Feature – New Future Payments Report added under Quick Reports.  This report will show all scheduled post-dated and/or payment plan payments within a given date range.
  • Enhancement – Account Export Tool – this tool was renamed to “Data Exporter” and given a facelift.  Now instead of a page full of checkboxes, we reorganized it to include selectable list boxes that can be ordered.  All current configurations are saved and can be pulled up.  We are confident you will like the new simplified design.
  • Enhancement – The Client Statement Report now has an option to show/hide the client claim number field.
  • Enhancement – The Client Statement Report now incorporates NSF’s similar to the Financial->Payments Report.
  • Enhancement – The Client Statement Report was modified to sort first by debtor name and then by transaction date.
  • Enhancement – Added a transaction voided date to the database so voided transactions can be reported on.
  • Enhancement – Client Trust Report 1 now shows voided payments as well as NSF payments if they voided payment is in the date range searched on.
  • Enhancement – Client Statement Report now shows voided payments as well as NSF payments if they voided payment is in the date range searched on.
  • Enhancement – When setting up a post-dated payment there is now the option to add a payment reminder
  • Enhancement – Added a new export field for last accessed date.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug when the last accessed date filter is used.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where YGC logs were not showing
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where creating a new debtor and adding as co-debtor copied the previously selected debtor’s custom fields into the new debtor’s account.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where creating a new debtor and adding as co-debtor linked the new debtor to the previously selected debtor’s accounts even if the new debtor wasn’t on those accounts.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a few bugs in the debtor portal related to PayScout merchant integration.  These bugs were preventing debtor payments from being fed correctly into the accounting tab.

Version release notes – (April 11, 2017)

  • New Feature – Client documents: these are just like account documents except they are tied to clients instead of accounts and can be uploaded through the client portal without having to first select an account.
  • Enhancement – Declined one time payments will now add a note like declined payment plan payments do.
  • Enhancement – Transaction descriptions column added to the note export if “Include Transactions” is checked.
  • Enhancement – Added a description filter to accounting tab. Applying the filter will show only the selected descriptions and the balance based on them. This affects the “Print Summary of Trust Account” report as well.
  • Enhancement – The client doc upload notification feature has been moved from settings > clients to settings > user notification settings as an option.
  • Enhancement – Added TEXT option to User Notifications.
  • Enhancement – Changed wording on check payment needed email reminder.
  • Enhancement – Added ability to get all helpdesk tickets for given user whom made the last comment for a given date range (used for Simplicity Support Team only).
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug when post dated payment is disabled it remains marked as **not applied**.
  • Bug Fix – Made some changes and updates to account access when using “access own accounts only”.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed “bullet” issue and RETURN (newline) issue in pop-up notification manager.

 Version release notes – (Mar 28 2017)

  • New Feature – Added User Queues so accounts can now wbe organized into different “queues” rather than assigning them to a specific user.
  • New Feature – Added a new “Print Summary of Trust Account” report to Accounting tab which works similar to the “Print Statement of Account” from Claim Details
  • Enhancement  – Added a new export field “Open/Closed Status” which exports TRUE if the account is closed and FALSE if not.
  • Enhancement – Added option to include transaction notes in notes export
  • Enhancement – Convenience fees will now work with Payscout’s 3 step fee process
  • Enhancement – Successful payment plan payments now add account notes (this was pushed to production early)
  • Enhancement – Increased result limit for debtor auto-complete text boxes to 100 and added a scroll bar
  • Enhancement – Added YGC records 41 and 42 to General File
  • Bug Fix – Added fixes to the account filter “Order Results By”
  • Bug Fix – Custom search filters now clear when page refreshes or when going to a different page
  • Bug Fix – Fixed sorting by “originated date“ on the home screen

Version release notes – (Mar 14 2017)

  • New Feature – Documents can now be emailed in bulk from the Bulk Account Manager (BAM) tool
  • New Feature – Documents can now be generated asynchronously from the Bulk Account Manager (BAM) tool. Users are provided a single use download link to download the documents
  • New Feature – Added notification email field in client settings. A notification email will be sent whenever a document is uploaded in the client portal
  • New Feature – Added new quick report “Transaction Report” which shows transactions and the balance prior to the last payment posted
  • Enhancement – Added the option for financial claims to use global interest rates
  • Enhancement – Allocations for convenience fees will now allocate to default allocations
  • Enhancement – Convenience Fees will now disburse appropriate amounts even if fee value is changed on account level
  • Enhancement – Updated Error handling for Bulk Account Manager (BAM) requests
  • Enhancement – User feedback for transaction importer shows how many financials have been updated
  • Enhancement – Prorated Portal Fee Payments will now be notated as such in the payment history
  • Enhancement – Company payments now only run one pin at a time. This will avoid the potential for payments to be duplicated
  • Enhancement – Added async option for updating financials in customer manager
  • Enhancement – Docgen notes will now be included in client reports
  • Enhancement – New checkbox above notes on Claim Details “Show notes for linked accounts”. When clicked it will show notes from soft and hard linked accounts and the account number they originate from
  • Enhancement – Financial report and quick report drop down filters have been replaced with multi select list boxes
  • Enhancement – Added Last Payment Amount to Claim Details page
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an error when filtering by “Collectors” and “Ticklers Due From”
  • Bug Fix – Fixed error that occurred when exporting employers
  • Bug Fix – Fixed debtor manager client filter bug that prevented searching
  • Bug Fix – Fixed pop up modal size for editing client Sales Rep

Version release notes – (Feb 22 2017)

  • Enhancement – The account tracker now has user rights associated with it so it can be turned on/off for different user groups.
  • Enhancement – Convenience fees are no longer reported as the “Last Payment” in merge fields and Account Exporter Tool.
  • Enhancement – Closed accounts can now be configured to be hidden from the list of linked accounts in the claim details screen. (contact Simplicity support to enable/disable this feature)
  • Enhancement – The URL for the old payment portal will now redirect to the Enterprise portal if the Enterprise portal is enabled.
  • Enhancement – Increased the timeout period for the credit bureau reporting page.
  • Enhancement – The Global Interest Rate settings have been modified to include a date range to provide greater flexibility when setting up global interest rates.

Version release notes – (Feb 15, 2017)

  • New Feature- Added a pop up screen that can be turned on/off for users that appears on the claim details screen prompting a user to enter information for how they contacted an account (email, phone, text, etc)
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to import Adjustments using the Transaction Importer.
  • Enhancement – Added Financial Claims to the Statement of Account Report.
  • Enhancement – Denied payments now count toward the “Overdue” field on the claim details page
  • Enhancement -Added “Unassigned” payments to the Client Performance Report.
  • Enhancement – Modified the “No Ticklers” filter to filter on “No Active Filters”.  If checked, it will get accounts that do not have any ticklers due today or in the future.
  • Enhancement – Added new “Employer” search field.
  • Enhancement – Modified disbursements so that they can now be disbursed by percentage.
  • Enhancement – Added a currency symbol or percent sign to the convenience fee amount text box.  This will appear depending on which convenience fee is selected.
  • Enhancement – Added “total fees balance” and “total cost balance” to the account exporter and docgen merge fields.
  • Enhancement – Added YGC pcode logic, additional pcodes and allowed pcodes to be tied to accounts rather than account statuses.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the custom debtor field “Not Equal” filter from throwing an error.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a DocLibManager function(SaveFileToCase) so that it dynamically saves to the local database or S3 based on setting in the config file.  (internal to Simplicity staff)
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the “Assign Worklist to” list in the Worklist Manager, to show only non-Owner users.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug when exporting Euro and Slovenian characters in the Account Exporter.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issues with unnecessary allocation value validation for the payment plan convenience fees.

Version release notes – (Feb 1, 2017)

  • New FeatureEnterprise Debtor Payment Portal.  Allow debtors the ability to settle accounts online, make payments, verify information, set up payments plans, etc.  All features are customizable by you as the client.  Clients can manage the portal settings by navigating to Settings->Administrators->Enterprise Debtor Portal.  More information will be coming on this great new feature!
  • Enhancement – Financial reports updated so that multiple clients can now be selected.
  • Enhancement – Added the “Imported On” file name to the claim details screen for accounts imported on an existing import.
  • Enhancement – Added active ticklers count to the Accounts w/o payment Plans Reports in Legal Reports.
  • Enhancement – Added “Client Statement Report – No Adjustments” to Client Portal Reports.
  • Enhancement – Added “Total Amount Paid” filter to global filters.
  • Enhancement – (Simplicity Dev Staff Only) – Added main script option to the update/install script page.
  • Bug Fix – Collector will not longer be accidentally changed if the user does not have permissions.
  • Bug Fix – Current collector status will now load regardless of user permissions.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed FTP/sFTP automatic import errors.
  • Bug Fix – Financial screen warnings (i.e. transaction entered before claim start date) no longer prevent documents from being generated for an account.

Version release notes – (Jan 18, 2017)

  • New Feature – Users accounts are restricted to one physical location and browser at a time.  This change was added for security reasons.  If a user tries to log in from multiple locations or browsers, their previous session will be automatically logged off.
  • New Feature – Added Convenience Fee Report.
  • Enhancement – Post dated recurring payments inserted in financials will no longer apply to the overall balance until they have been successfully paid
    • This should fix a bug that occurred when a post dated payment was inserted which set the balance to 0, closed the account and then never ran because the processor wouldn’t pick it up.
  • Enhancement – Post-dated convenience fees will get voided if the payment they belong to is unsuccessful
  • Enhancement – Added the “note author” to note export.
  • Enhancement – Multiple clients can now be selected in quick reports
    • This needs to be tested pretty thoroughly since not all of the reports work the same way. I will provide a list of reports that use the client filter below.
  • Enhancement – Generating a credit bureau report notates the account
  • Enhancement – Added user group permissions to use the BAM and updater tools separate from the current “Tools” permission
  • Enhancement – When helpdesk users are creating tickets on behalf of Simplicity customers, support personnel can set the client as the Ticket Requestor AND have the option to have the ticket message entered be from “you” at ticket creation.  (Simplicity Staff Only)
  • Bug Fix – If a financial transaction has a collector (or co or co-co) that has been deleted from Simplicity after the payment was added, the payment will now be editable. The “old” collector will be added to the drop-down list, along with any currently existing collectors:
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the Collector drop down list would default to the user if they had access restrictions to their “own accounts only” and “access to accounts assigned to these Collectors” checked
    • This will help prevent users from accidentally assigning accounts to themselves when they hit “Save”

Version release notes – (Jan 4, 2017)

  • Enhancement – Added ability to edit address and phone types
  • Enhancement – Added NSF payments to Individual Recovery Report
  • Enhancement – Added the account balance to the phone export sheet
  • Enhancement – Removed convenience fees from Collector Commissions Report
  • Enhancement – Added checkbox to include Convenience Fees in Financial Reports
  • Enhancement – Convenience Fees Settings includes all US States as options by default
  • Enhancement – Simplified tickler filters
  • Enhancement – Added date to financial dashboard report
  • Enhancement – Pop Up Notifications can now be formatted and can include hyperlinks or embedded links
  • Bug Fix – Fixed spelling of “Financial Dashboard Report” to “Financial Dashboard Report”
  • Bug Fix – Fix for added check numbers from financials
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the “Check All” box on the account exporter so it doesn’t check the check boxes in the filters
  • Bug Fix – Users no longer need “Edit/Delete Financial Transactions” privileges in order to view payment signatures

Version release notes – (Dec 7, 2016)

  • New Feature – New trust balance details report
  • New Feature – Time Worked timer on Legal details page. There is a start and stop work button used to keep track of how much time is spent working an account.
  • New Feature – New Bad Address Report
  • New Feature – Added new “Disputed” checkbox to the claim details screen and bulk account manager. This is used in metro2 reporting. Any account with this checked will have the 17A field changed to “XB”
  • New Feature – Added ability to apply the current convenience fee settings across all payment plans with “Apply to All” button in convenience fee settings
  • New Feature – Added the ability to disable convenience fees for states in convenience fee settings. Any case that has a debtor with a disabled state in their address will not be able to add convenience fees manually or through the payment plan
  • New Feature – Bad Address Only report shows all bad addresses for debtors who do not have at least one good address
  • Enhancement – Added new timezone East Africa
  • Enhancement – Client statement reports no longer show Convenience Fees
  • Enhancement – Financial reports no longer show Convenience Fees
  • Enhancement – Convenience Fees are distinguished by the description “Auto Convenience Fee”
  • Enhancement – Added collector name to Payment Processing report
  • Enhancement – The Export Documents section on the Account Exporter page is now hidden as a link
  • Enhancement – When a payment is made with convenience fees the payment and fee amounts are added and processed as a single transaction, but are inserted into Simplicity as two separate transactions
  • Bug Fix – Fix for Collector/Sales report not showing new unassigned accounts
  • Bug Fix – Client status report bug fixes with selecting status types
  • Bug Fix – Fixed pending payment processing report to include unassigned accounts

Version release notes – (Nov 16, 2016)

  • New Feature – Created a “Trust Balance” report.  This report shows the trust account balance for a debtor.
  • New Feature – Added a “click-to-dial” option for VOIPEssentials.
  • Enhancement – Created a user history so that users can be removed from the system and their history still maintained and associated with notes, user access, etc.  Also new users added or removed are logged in the service dashboard.
  • Enhancement – MyTicklers now has a “Completed From” date range filter.
  • Enhancement – Took away the Bulk Account Manager 500 account limit and improved inefficiencies.  This tool also has a user interface that will show active and pending requests much like the account importer or updater tools.
  • Enhancement – “Unassigned Accounts” now show in the Client Performance Report.
  • Enhancement – Added the option in the customer manager “Do Not Require SSN if Blank” which will allow the debtor portal to be used in the SSN’s are required but the debtor’s SSN is blank.
  • Enhancement – Added a tool in the customer manager “Delete Duplicate Claims” which will remove all claims that belong to the same account and have the same balance and interest start date. (Simplicity Support Only)
  • Enhancement – Added a company option to show or hide the new “Zero out balance” and “Update Balance” options in the account importer.  (Simplicity Support Only)
  • Enhancement – If the company email is updated in the Company/CC Settings, any payment plans with email reminders that have the old company email will be updated with the new one.
  • Enhancement – the Convenience Fee feature has an override feature in the payment plans so that each convenience fee transaction won’t have to be manually overridden if it’s from a payment plan.
  • Enhancement – When generating documents, “Apply” doesn’t have to be clicked to exclude/include accounts.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the notes so that when SSN’s are changed it only shows the last 4 of the SSN in the notes rather than the entire SSN.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a discrepancy between the Client Statement Report found in the report scheduler tool and the one generated by the system.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an error where custom debtor fields could not be exported.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed visual issues with the DocGenHelp and Debtor Manager Pages.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an error when setting values of custom debtor fields in the Bulk Account Manager tool.
  • Bug Fix – Included phone extension fields when creating a new debtor.
  • Bug Fix – Company names are no longer blank in Payments with Notes report
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that times out when exporting phone numbers and Debtor Phones filter is set to “with”.

Version release notes – (Nov 9, 2016)

  • New Feature – Under settings > administrators > employees there is a new list box and check box for allowing access to accounts assigned to the selected collectors.
  • New Feature – Added the “Convenience Fee”. This can be turned on in Settings > Administrators > Convenience Fee Settings. Every time a payment is entered, a convenience fee will be entered whether from financials or a payment plan.
    • There is an option to not apply the fee to the balance. If checked the transaction should not be used in financial calculations.
    • The convenience fee will be processed as a separate transaction.
  • New Feature – Added “Does Not Apply To Balance” field for transaction importer. If set to 1 in a spreadsheet that transaction will not be used in financial calculations.
  • New Feature – The Codebtor name will now appear at the top of the page with the debtor if there is one.
  • Enhancement – The collector dashboard now shows commissions for CoDebtors as well as debtors.
  • Enhancement – The Bulk Account Manager Asynchronous requests now show up in the async request page (Simplicity Support Only).
  • Enhancement – Moved the new “Pop Up Notifications” tool into a new Administrator submenu under Tools.
  • Enhancement – Made and adjustment to the “Emailer” tool to include both the company name in the from address when emails from debtors/clients are sent from our email server and also created the option for our clients to use their own email servers when sending mail.
  • Enhancement – Adjustments should now appear in the client statement reports.
  • Bug Fix – Unsigned PDCFlow transactions will no longer count towards the balance.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug where loading a filter configuration would add on to the previously loaded configuration instead of clearing it first.

Version release notes – (Oct 26, 2016)

  • New Feature – Added a Notification tool for Administrators.  This allows Admins the ability to create notifications for their users.  These notifications are visible once a user logs into the software.
  • Enhancement – Added a “reference number” field when adding checks from financial screen.
  • Enhancement – Added “Total Balance for Linked Accounts” field to account exporter.
  • Enhancement – Added “Include pre-judgment payments and interest” to financial and client settings.
  • Enhancement – Added transaction notes to client statement report.
  • Enhancement – Added multi-client select filter to the Recovery Report.
  • Enhancement – Added “No-Limit” option in the Bulk Account Manager (BAM) Tool.  (Simplicity support only feature)
  • Enhancement – Updated the Open/Closed Report so that it no longer groups clients.
  • Enhancement – Added new “Overdue Workdate” and “Overdue Ticklers” filters to the global filters.
  • Enhancement  – Updated the way searching works to improve the efficiency of future search results.
  • Enhancement – Notes created for status changes will now show whether the status was changed from the BAM tool, the updater, or the claim details screen.
  • Enhancement – Updated the Worklist Details page so that the company name now shows up on that page.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug in worklists so that if an employee has a client or account restriction, the worklist tool will not allow them to see accounts they should be restricted from.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed “null” values being added for debtor phones when adding number from claim details screen.  This was causing phone number search issues.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed payment reminder amount for partial payments.

Version release notes – (Sept 28, 2016)

  • New Feature – New Individual Recovery Report.
  • New Feature – Added a “No Ticklers” filter to the global filters controls.
  • New Feature – Added a “Letter Flow Filter” to global filters.
  • New Feature – Added the ability to “re-age” accounts via the Bulk Account Manager Tool.
  • New Feature – Added an extra text box to all phone number fields for phone number extensions.
  • New Feature – Added new Collector Performance Accounts Worked Report which is the same as the Collector Performance report, but matched the logic of the “Accounts not worked in X days” filter.
  • New Feature – Changed column name “Accts Worked” in Collector Performance Report to “Accounts Notated.
  • New Feature – Added debtor company name to QuickBooks payment memo.
  • New Feature – Added additional error reporting and logging to the Company Settings screen when adding a new credit card.
  • New Feature – Added an new group restriction.  Under Settings->Administrators->Manage User Groups added a “Restrict status changes to OPEN status types” permission.  When checked, members of that user group will only be able to change to status types that are in the OPEN status group, when unchecked, the user group will be able to change to any status type
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Payment Report to always include NSF with original payment if original payment is within date range, but only show NSF if the original payment falls outside of the date range.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a calculation error in the Portfolio Dashboard Report.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the “Accounts not worked in X days” filter.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issues in “Collector/Sales Inventory Report.
  • Enhancement – Moved the Automatic Import Manager and Automatic Export Manager links so they are both under Tools->Automation Tools AND Tools->File Importing and Tools->File Exporting respectively.
  • Enhancement – Fixed spelling of Attorney in client info on claim details screen.
  • Enhancement – Added “locked” payment agreement sum for Financial Dashboard Report.
  • Enhancement – Added a total amount per client to the “Financial->Transactions-Simple Report in addition to the overall report total.
  • Enhancement – Adjusted the debtor account linking.  Now debtors are linked by SSN in the system regardless of any other factor.
  • Enhancement – Modified the account import tool to clarify linking accounts on import.
  • Enhancement – Account updater no longer inserts (“”) for blank cells.
  • Enhancement – If a collection status is changed due to a rule in collection status settings, the account is notated where it previously was not.
  • Enhancement – When deleting a collection status users must type “Yes” and select a new collection status for any accounts with the status being deleted.  This is to prevent statuses associated with current system accounts from being deleted unintentionally.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to turn on/off “Soft Linking” based on SSN.  This feature can be turned on/off under Settings–>Administrator->Company / CC Settings.  If enabled, this feature will show linked accounts in the system based off of SSN.  This functionality was also added in the Debtor Manager Tool for showing linked accounts by SSN only.

Version release notes – (Sept 14, 2016)

  • New Feature – New collector sales inventory report was added to quick reports.
  • New Feature – Payment plan reminders have been added and can bet set up on the payment schedule screen.  This allows you to set up an email reminder schedule for your debtor when a payment plan is set up.
  • New Feature – Secure FTP Key file support was added for automatic importer and exporter tools.
  • New Feature – Added an assigned_to_date for instances when a case is assigned/reassigned to a collector
  • New Feature – Added the ability to group queued checks by payee when printing pending checks.
  • New Feature – Added additional error reporting and logging to the Company Settings screen when adding a new credit card.
  • Enhancement – Redesigned the payment plan screen to make it more user friendly.
  • Enhancement – The country and state fields in the client settings screen are now open text fields.  This allows the ability to add clients from any location outside the US.
  • Enhancement – Increased the size of the dialer label to account for more information being passed between dialers and Simplicity.
  • Enhancement – Made adjustments to the database connection string to account for Poland and Slovenia customers.
  • Enhancement – Made enhancements to Simplicity’s internal ticket tracker.  Added resolved, programming, and junk as new status types, added new filtering options, and created logic to reopen a resolved ticket if the customer responds via email. (internal use)

Version release notes – (Aug 24, 2016)

  • New Feature – Automatic Export Manager.  This new tool can be found under Tools->Automation Tools->Automatic Export Manager.  This tools allows users the ability to automatically export account data and have that data saved and FTP’d to a location.  This tool is useful if you have automated processes for exporting phone dialer data, exporting data to your clients, or creating automated exports for any reason.
  • New Feature – Added a new “Status History” icon next to the status to provide an easy way for viewing the status history on an account.
  • New Feature – Added a Time Zone warning.  Now when accounts are accessed outside the regular compliance hours (8am – 9pm) for the debtors timezone a message box appears letting the collector know that the account could be in a timezone that it outside the allowable calling hours.
  • Update – Added a “fail-safe” when deleting ticklers.  Now when a tickler is deleted, a warning message is given letting the user know how many ticklers will be deleted and making them type “YES” in order to confirm this delete.  This is to prevent accidental deletion of ticker types.
  • Update – Added a “fail-safe” when deleting users.  Now when a user is deleted, the user must type “YES” to confirm the deletion of the user and if the user has ticklers assigned, a drop list will be available to assign those ticklers to another user before the user is deleted.
  • Update – Added a “fail-safe” so that collection status and status types cannot be deleted if there is a status automation tied to a particular status type.
  • Update – Automatic Import Manager – Made a few updates and bug fixes to this new tool.
  • Update – Added collector name to note export.
  • Update – Added CoDebtor Attorney name in account export tool.
  • Update – Added Bahamas to allowable countries in the client screen.
  • Bug Fix – Added a fix to the CompuMail interface for instances when changing debtor address.
  • Bug Fix – Added a fix to the CompuMail interface so that letters get marked as complete after being sent to avoid duplicates.

Version release notes – (Aug 11, 2016)

  • Update – Added “Accounts not worked in X Days”, “No payment made since” and “Ticklers Due” (date range) to Account Filter.
  • Update – Added “Delete Debtor” button to Debtor Manager tool… will only show when debtor has no assigned accounts.
  • Update – Importer will now add “Claim Added by Importer” action code, when claim added to existing Account.
  • Update – Created the “pre-judgment costs/fees included in judgment amount” checkbox option
  • Update – Created the payment reminder process that sends emails to debtors who have a payment due in 3 days
    • Also adds note to account
  • Update – Filters now have an “only creator can edit” checkbox option so that other users cannot edit another’s filter
    • Admins can still edit all filters regardless of option
  • Update – Added tool in customer manager to set the apply to post-judgment options for fees and costs for all accounts
  • Bug Fix – Doclib exporter no longer shows download link if file is not there
  • Update & Bug Fixes – to transaction report, deposit report and open/closed report
  • Bug Fix – Fixed search results issue from returning empty case ID’s… for example, in the case of a phone number search, where phone is found for a debtor that has no accounts assigned.

Version release notes – (Aug 4, 2016)

  • Update – Phone search optimized for speed and performance
  • Update – Added more report descriptions
  • Bug Fix – Client contact import bug fix
  • Bug Fix – Open / Closed Report fixes
  • Bug Fix – Altering a Payment Agreement now sets the next update date correctly

Version release notes – (July 28, 2016)

  • Update – Added unassigned as option to search filter(s) for co-collector.
  • Update – Added Current Status to the Worklist Details page, and reformatted the page slightly.
  • Update – Moved worklist icons on master page up 2px, better centered.
  • Update – Added Delete Payment Agreement action item to Status Automation Tool. The status automation can now delete current payment agreement and the deletion of those agreements will be notated in the account.

Version release notes – (July 27, 2016)

  • Update – Added report descriptions and column descriptions to reports. Now users can view the description of a report and click on the information icon to view the details of what each field in the report represents.
  • Update – Optimized the phone search to improve searching performance.
  • Update – Added a new “Open/Closed Report” to Quick Reports. This report is a summary of accounts in the system and can be filtered on either an open or closed status.
  • Update – Added a “Client Statement – No Interest” report to quick reports and client portal reports.
  • Update – Updated the “Next”, “Worklist Details”, and “Delete Worklist” icons.
  • Update – Rolled out a fix to the email handler on the ticket tracker so support tickets that are updated by the client would pop to the top of the list.
  • Update – Adjusted the overall linked account balances on accounts where the same debtor record is included as both the primary and co-debtor.
  • Update – Automated import tool found under Tools->Automation Tools->Automatic Import Manager. This tool allows you the ability to schedule the software to pick up client files and automatically load them into the software.
  • Update – Added a Security Key field on the Customer Setup page so that customers can create challenge ID’s to protect their data and PIN.
  • Update – Added a “Search by PIN” field the to Customer Manager Page for support purposes.
  • Update – Revised the Bulk Account Distributor so that distributing by balances is now an optional component.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the DocLib folder so now it orders in “natural” order.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed and added some updates to the DocLib Exporter
  • Bug Fix – Added some formula fixes for the “Financial Dashboard Report” and “Collector Performance Report”.

Version release notes – (July 19, 2016)

  • Update – Client screen now supports multiple contacts. If you go into settings->clients you can now add multiple contacts including name title, email and phone number.
  • Update – The note added to post dated transactions has been changed so that now it indicates they are post dated transactions.
  • Update – You can now distribute accounts by number or percent with account distributor tool.
  • Update – All documents from DocLib folders will be able to be exported and downloaded as a single zip file (see the new button in the file exporter tool).
  • Update – Custom text fields in client portal should now clear after new import is made.
  • Update – Worklist/Next Button Feature – worklists can now be created by users. These are created under the filter options and once created the user will see 3 icons in the upper right corner, a next icon, a worklist details icon, and a delete worklist icon. If there is no worklist created the user will see “”. Additionally, an administrator my create worklists and assign users to those worklist under worklist manager. Finally, there is a user group restriction that allows admins the ability to restrict whether or not a user can create worklists or select from already created worklists.
  • Update – Multiple user groups may now be selected in the quick reports user group filter (this currently only affects the Financial Dashboard report).
  • Update – Total columns added to Financial Dashboard report.
  • Update – Auto log out now adds a user log out record.
  • Update – User group restriction now allows admins the ability to keep users from changing current pre-saved filter settings.

Version release notes – (July 3, 2016)

  • Update – Added ability to view PDCFlow Signatures on Financial Transactions with signed signature and Payment Agreements with signed signature.
  • Update – Changed all instances of with to comply with our domain name change.
  • Update – Account Updater now updates docgen variables
  • Update – API Update. Added AddCostOrFee web-service function: This will allow clients the ability to add cost or fee transaction types via our API.
  • Bug Fix– Compumail Bugfix

Version release notes – (June 29, 2016)

  • Update – Under the Help menu we have a new option to “Subscribe to Newsletter”. Clients can now sign up for our Newsletter emails which puts them on the list to receive other updates from us too, like any site wide issues, security updates, training reminders and the like.
  • Update – There’s a new User Groups Setting that when checked, allows a group to have access to the Account Exporter but only to Export Phone Numbers. The other options to export account information or notes will be unavailable.
  • Update – Settings->Administrators->Email Settings now lets clients customize the footer message that attaches to DocGen letters sent by email. They can also revert it back to the default if needed.
  • Update – Added “Bulk Account Distributor” tool under the Tools Menu allowing clients the ability to easily distribute accounts using the standard filter tools in the software.

Version release notes – (June 17, 2016)

  • Update – Added “Payment Plan Overdue” field to docgen and exporter.
  • Update – Added “Collection Status Date” field to docgen and exporter.
  • Update – Added “Financial Dashboard Report” to quick reports.
  • Update – Added “Co-Collector” filter to the account search filters.
  • Update – Added user group right “Export Phones Only”, which hides all export functionality except the phones.
  • Bug Fix- Fix for the PDCFlow issue that caused a payment to run repeatedly every hour on the hour.
  • Bug Fix- Fixed a few errors found with the filter control.

Version release notes – (June 11, 2016)

  • Update – CompuMail integration can now be easily customized by Simplicty Support Personnel through Settings/Support/CompuMail Configuration.
  • Update – Empty Clients may now be removed by Simplicty Support Personnel through the customer manager.

Version release notes – (June 7, 2016)

  • Update – Added the ability to add custom field filters in the global filters. These custom field filters can be added in the bulk account manager tool or while searching for accounts.
  • Update – Added co-debtor employment fields to the docgen tool.
  • Update – Added the ability to note account number, court number, or client claim number on printed checks.
  • Update – Added the ability to set the BaseCommerce Authorization Descriptor with “client name” as an optional setting.

Version release notes – (May 20, 2016)

  • Update – Added a rewrite to the main menus in order to allow for nested menu items and make it easier to navigate and maintain.
  • Update – Rewrote the custom fields for the client portal to retain consistency between the client portal and the main application.
  • Update – Added a “mini miranda” to the bottom of the payment portal.
  • Update – Added county, court, court abstracted, and county abstracted to the account importer, updater, and docgen keywords.
  • Update – Modified recurring payment processor to note accounts when declined payments occur.
  • Update – Updated the Status Automation Manager to change status on declined payments if selected in the Status Automation Manager to do so.
  • Update – Changed some of the Tools->Support menu names for consistency and standardization.
  • Update – Added 2010 – (current date) instead of the the current date to the copyright at the bottom of all pages.

Version release notes – (May 11, 2016)

  • Update – Added the Account number to the description field for USAePay direct payments.
  • Update – Modified financials to allow for $0 transactions as well as negative transactions.
  • Update – Created a new Automation and Support menu items.  The Automation menu is only viewable if the user has access to the tools menu.  The purpose of the automation menu is to group the automation features that the software has in to a consolidated, easy-to-find area.  The support menu is only visible to Simplicity support staff in order to provide support staff the necessary tools to assist clients.
  • Update – Added a new checkbox in the client settings field that allows the ability to hide the search bar for clients in the client portal.
  • Bug Fix – Made adjustments to the client portal so that PDCFlow signatures can be submitted without having to be saved.
  • Bug Fix – Made further fixes for hiding collector lists for non-collectors.

Version release notes – (April 20, 2016)

  • Update – Updated client list box in global filters and client drop list to separate client short and long names into a single full name and order by the short name.
  • Update – Included a check for negative transactions on the financials tab.  Negative transactions can no longer be added as a transaction they must be added as an adjustment.
  • Update – More changes to the ticket tracker software to accommodate Simplicity staff.  Added email address as part of the “requested by” name for easier access.
  • Update – Increased the SQL timeout for Financial reports from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for larger clients.
  • Update – Made an update to the ticket tracker to provide the ability to switch client PIN numbers within the ticket (Simplicity staff internal change only)
  • Update – Made an update to Global IP Address Restrictions
  • Update – Added a Group Manager config button to the collector/employee screen that will open up the group manager in another tab
  • Update- Modified tickler view to only display client infor if a user has access to view client information
  • Update – Added HTML link type functionality to  dialer settings to allow “click-to-dial” functionality to phone numbers in the software.  This enables any dialer that accepts HTML tel or callto link types to be used in a click-to-dial fashion in the software.
  • Update – Updated the account number to show as a hyperlink on the home page so that it could be opened in a separate tab/window by right-clicking on the link and selecting “Open in new tab”.
  • Update – Updated the User Access Report to show the IP address in addition to the other elements for the person logging in.  This will provide greater auditing capabilities.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Issue where Client Drop list in Legal Details tab could show duplicates when user has limited client access list.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Issue where selecting Worklist drop list item on filter form would cause filter form to disappear.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue where Account Search error would return null Account ID list, causing an Exception Page to show, instead of showing error.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue where Worklist sorting was doubling up on custom search results sorting, causing search script error.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed home page sorting on Current Balance Due… to that it’s sorted as a number instead of a string.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Debtor Manager so that if you hit the enter key while the focus is on the debtor search text-box, it doesn’t take you back to the home page.

Version release notes – (April 13, 2016)

  • Update – Added Global IP Address Restriction as part of the settings->manage user groups settings.
  • Update – Reports no longer show Non-Collectors.
  • Update- Added a promotion manager tool for the Simplicity sales team to effectively manage promotion codes (internal tool)
  • Update – When adding a promotion on the sales side, the promotion is automatically added rather than having to click “apply”
  • Update – Enhanced the BaseCommerce implementation to include the ability to send the client short name rather than the client name when processing transactions.  Also the client short name will be truncated to 25 characters before sending to avoid processing errors.
  • Bugfix – Removed scheduled reports for cancelled accounts
  • Bugfix – Fixed several Group Manger/IP Access issues.
  • Bugfix – Modified the Bulk Account Manager Custom Field feature to fix a small problem when trying to update “text” type custom fields.

Version release notes – (March 31, 2016)

  • Update – Added Client Statement 3 Report
  • Update – Added the ability to update custom fields via the bulk account manager tool
  • Update – Modified searching and filtering logic in quick search, home search, and bulk account manager tools to improve inefficiencies and speed up load times.
  • Update – Added a “change client icon” that can be used when changing the client on an existing account.  This change was implemented to help improve client experience and increase individual account load times.

Version release notes – (March 23, 2016)

  • Update – Added Client column to the Financial Reports/Account Summary Report
  • Update – Added totals at the bottom of both orientations of the Placements and Recoveries Reports
  • Update – Added additional flexibility to the Auto-Account Number so that now an auto-account number can be generated in a more flexible manner consistent with other client’s account numbering needs.
  • Update – Modified the logic that loads clients into the client search filter.  Now only clients that have accounts assigned to them will load in the client filter which will decrease the amount of data that is transferred back and forth and increase performance especially for clients with large client lists that don’t have any accounts assigned to them.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where If the same debtor as primary was added as a co-debtor, and then removed… all debtor association was lost on the account, making it appear as account was lost as well.

Version release notes – (March 12, 2016)

  • Update – Added the Custom Search Results page
  • Update – Added a new permission to the user group manager that determines whether or not the page is accessible (by default, only admins may view it)
  • Update – Added transaction number to financial transactions.

Version release notes – (March 10, 2016)

  • Update – Added “Update Financials” button to client settings enabling Simplicity support the ability to “force” financial transaction updates when needed.
  • Update – Added Client Portal Reports viewer to the production site.
  • Update – On the Client Portal Reports viewer, employees can only see clients that they are assigned to.
  • Update – Added new employee type, “Non-Collector”, which hides the employee from drop down lists.

Version release notes – (March 1, 2016)

  • Update – Collector performance report uses payment processing information to distinguish postdated payments.
  • Update – Added ability to have the recovery report list years horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Bug Fix – Various bug fixes.

Version release notes – (February 18, 2016)

  • Update – Added integration support for BaseCommerce CC/ACH merchant services.
  • Update – Added a “collector” column to the “payments with notes” report.

Version release notes – (December 22, 2015)

  • Update – Added 90 Days Pending Payments field to recovery Reports (shows payments over the next 90 days, only shows in current year)
  • Update – Added YGC updates and changes

Version release notes – (December 17, 2015)

  • Update – Optimized financial reports
  • Update – Added ability to upload files to existing accounts through the client portal (permission set in Client Settings)

Version release notes – (December 4, 2015)

  • Update – Phone statuses can now be set when importing phone numbers through the account importer and debtor updater tools.

Version release notes – (November 18, 2015)

  • Update – Billing Tree Integration.
  • Update – Phone Type Filter added to the Phone Number Exporter
  • Update – Added Letter Flow DocGen Merge Fields

Version release notes – (November 9, 2015)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed Recovery Remittance Report issues
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Collector Performance Report issues
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Client Performance Report issues
  • Bug Fix – Fixed Recovery Reports issues

Version release notes – (November 4, 2015)

  • Bug Fix –  Rolled out YGC (“You’ve Got Claims) bug fixes.
  • Bug Fix- Rolled out small changes and updates to several reports
  • Bug Fix- Rolled out fulfillment letter box bug fixes.

Version release notes – (October 26, 2015)

  • Update –  Rolled out YGC (“You’ve Got Claims) functionality.
  • Update – Added a Recovery Remittance Report
  • Update – Added functionality so that the Payment Portal now updates the accounting tab.

Version release notes – (September 4, 2015)

  • Update –  Updated the logic on the “# Accts. Worked” column on the collector performance report to include a more accurate reading of the total number of accounts worked.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a known issue with recurring payments.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a known issue with interest steps fixes.

Version release notes – (August 24, 2015)

  • Update –  When debtor payment portal payments are added, Simplicity now adds a note to the account and the payment shows up in the processed payment history.
  • Update – Updated the PDC Payment interface so that the debtor email address is now attached to PDC4U payments.
  • Update – Added additional error reporting to make addressing issues more efficient.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a small bug so that the “current date” docgen field now reports the correct date.

Version release notes – (August 17, 2015)

  • Update – Updated nightly financials to overcome inefficiencies and improve the process.

Version release notes – (August 7, 2015)

  • Update – In settings->counties updated the settings so there are now 3 country drop lists, one for adding a new court, one for updating a court, and one for county sheriff.  Added several countries to the database so that states/provinces are correctly loaded when the country is selected.

Version release notes – (July 31, 2015)

  • Update – Added an option to have select reports (Collector Performance, Client Performance, and Payment Plan Projection reports) ignore payment plan agreements and post dated payments  that are on hold.
  • Update – When you change the “Attorney Fees Awarded” value in the Legal Details tab, it also changes the Attorney Fees Awarded value in the Financials tab.
  • Update – In the Credit Bureau Tools, you can now filter accounts by collection status, and the collection status is shown for each account.
  • Update – Transactions – Simple and Payments – Simple reports now show the the total number of transactions.

Version release notes – (July 21, 2015)

  • Update – Added the ability to turn on or off tickler notifications for notifying clients when accounts do not have tickler’s associated with them.
  • Update – Added additional error logging for PDCFlow issues that are sent to support (this change does not affect our clients)

Version release notes – (July 13, 2015)

  • Update – Added the ability to select a collector when adding a payment.
  • Update – Added several new reports.

Version release notes – (July 8, 2015)

  • Update – Added the ability for enabling/disabling credit reporting on the account level instead of the debtor level.
  • Update – Modified the financial reports filter to include filter by the concatenation of client short name and long name.
  • Update – Added a user permission for changing individual payments’ assigned collectors.
  • Update – Added the ability to change the assigned collector for individual payments.
  • Update – Added greater flexibility for payment plan scheduling and recurrence.
  • Update – Added a Client Performance Report under Quick Reports.
  • Update – Modified Collector Performance Report under Quick Reports.
  • Update – Added a Monthly Client Production Report under Quick Reports.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue with missing buttons in the payment plan tab.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed financial calculation issue with prejudgment transaction balances when pre-judgment costs and/or fees were included in the judgment.

Version release notes – (June 30, 2015)

  • Update – Changed the Client Reports/Client Status Report 2 “Total Money Owing” field to “Total Principal Owing” for greater clarification.
  • Update – Changed the Quick Reports/Payments with Client Disb “Client Amount Placed” field to show the claim amount even when there is a judgment and also added a “Judgment Amount” field for greater clarification.
  • Update – Changed the Client Portal Reports/Status Report 2 “Total Money Owing” field to “Total Principal Owing” for greater clarification.
  • Update – Changed the Client Portal Reports/Payments with Client Disb “Client Amount Placed” field to show the claim amount even when there is a judgment and also added a “Judgment Amount” field for greater clarification.
  • Update – Added area code recognition for Canadian area codes.

Version release notes – (June 24, 2015)

  • Update – Added greater flexibility for setting up schedule and recurrence in payment plans.
  • Update – Made PDCFlow an optional setting for accounts.

Version release notes – (June 10, 2015)

  • Update – When custom fields are updated, a note is automatically created.
  • Update – Added the ability to turn on or off a notification when accounts don’t have ticklers assigned to them.
  • Update – Modified the client filter in the financial reports to include both short name and full name of the client.
  • Update – Re-Enabled User Account IP Address Access Control. This was temporarily disabled after the migration from Rackspace to Amazon due to IP address changes.
  • Update – Added User Group Settings to allow access for groups to delete DocLib Documents. This feature can be turned on or off in group settings.
  • Update – Changed Account Importer and Debtor Updater Tools to default imported phone numbers to an “Unknown” status rather than a “Good” status.
  • Update – Added better logging for the Simplicity Service to provide better resolution on delinquent and purged accounts.
  • Update – Moved the Report Scheduler tool from beta to production.
  • Update – Added the ability for existing and newly created scheduled reports to be paused and restarted.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a financial discrepancy between the collector performance report and the collector commission report.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a sorting issue with phone numbers displaying out of order when edited.
  • Big Fix – Fixed the purchase page and db managers to work with the new Amazon servers.

Version release notes – (May 29, 2015)

  • Update – Updated Amazon S3 SDK to comply with new security features in preparation for Amazon migration.
  • Update – Added the capability of adding multiple Payment Processors and selecting which payment processor to use at the time of payment.
  • Update – Added pagination to Ticket Tracker, so it will only list 100 tickets at a time.
  • Update – Added “[No Status]” option to legal status filter.
  • Bug Fix – On client purge adjusted code so that any account purged had all existing tickets added to the purge email even if the database did not exist on the Simplicty “main” database.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue with generating a credit report request file for business accounts.
  • Big Fix – Fixed payment processing error that occurred with American Express cards.

Version release notes – (May 28, 2015)

  • Update – Added the legal status filter to the universal account filter controls so now accounts can be filtered by legal status.
  • Update – Added the ability to disburse overpayment amounts the same way that principal is set up to disburse through the customer manager
  • Update – Added an additional phone number type “work” to the debtor phone number fields
  • Update – Added the ability to turn on/off a tickler reminder on accounts so any account without an open tickler set would throw a reminder to the user
  • Update – Enhanced the API to include several new functions; DebtorUpdate and DebtorSearch to allow updating and searching of debtor accounts via the API
  • Bug Fix – Fixed and issue with the “run now” function for recurring payments in the customer manager
  • Big Fix – Fixed and issue with running Payscout payments through the debtor payment interface.

Version release notes – (May 23, 2015)

  • Update – Updated the Credit Reporting Tool so it will now report business accounts as well as consumer accounts.
  • Update – Add a Ticklers tab to the client portal and created the ability for clients to enable or disable this feature through the client settings screen.

Version release notes – (May 18, 2015)

  • Update – Payment Reports will now show negative amounts, allocations, and disbursements for NSF payments.
  • Update – Coding changes were made to increase efficiencies on the Claim Details tab so it now loads faster.
  • Update – Co-debtors added through the Claim Details tab no longer copy the custom fields of the primary debtor.
  • Update – Transactions Simple and Payments Simple reports now show the assigned collector.
  • Update – Updated the mapping names in the client importer to provide better clarification to clients.
  • Update – Added the ability to map a note field in the client importer.
  • Bug Fix – Number of accounts affected no longer fades away in Bulk Account Manager.
  • Bug Fix – Voided transactions now show allocations and disbursements rather than zeroes.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that occurs occasionally when manually adding a client and the client name would not appear in the list of clients.  In some cases it would cause an exception to be thrown.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a rare bug that occasionally occurred when trying to delete a client.

Version release notes – (May 2, 2015)

  • Update – The Phone Exporter Tool will now include Phone Description in the export as well as the other standard exportable phone fields.
  • Update – The Account Exporter Tool now has ability to export Debtor Address Status and CoDebtor Address Status, i.e., Good/Bad/Unknown.
  • Update – The DocGen tool has been modified so that it can now include Debtor Address Status and CoDebtor Address Status, i.e., Good/Bad/Unknown in Mail-Merge for Document Generation.

Version release notes – (April 16, 2015)

  • Update – Created rollback capabilities with the Transaction File Importer tool in order to allow clients the ability to roll back financial imports.
  • Update – Added ability to send clients emails automatically when errors prevent the recurring payment process from running per the configured schedule.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that surfaced when trying to change the order of scheduled payments.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a rare bug that caused inconsistent crashes in the recurring payments process.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that caused errors when viewing the PDCFlow form on an account without any existing phone numbers or email address.

Version release notes – (April 3, 2015)

  • Update – Added internal_case_id to phone number exports in the account exporter tool. This is beneficial for clients using dialers that have the ability to “pop” accounts.
  • Update – Added the ability to filter phone number exports by phone number status in the account exporter tool.
  • Update – Added current status to the header so that it is visible on all tabs.
  • Update – For clients with PDC4U integration, Simplicity was updated so that the debtor’s email address is always sent to PDC4U.
  • Update – Updated group permissions so that the Collector Dashboard can be disabled through user rights.
  • Bug Fix – the Client Portal Status Report 2 was optimized to avoid potential timeout issues that some clients were experiencing.

Version release notes – (March 27, 2015)

  • Update – Added new Payments with Client Disbursement report to both quick reports and client portal reports.
  • Update – Added Status Report (all notes) to client portal reports.
  • Update – Added Status Report 2 to client portal reports.
  • Update – Added collection status filter to Collector Fee report.

Version release notes – (March 25, 2015)

  • Update – Added the ability to email DocGen documents to debtors or co-debtors directly from the claim details screen. Currently the email is a standard email that uses the company contact email address as the send-to address and attaches the document to the email. Once emailed, 2 notes are automatically added to indicate that a document was generated and that an email was sent to the debtor.

Version release notes – (March 20, 2015)

  • Update – Added charged off date to universal filter control.
  • Update – Added PDCFlow integration for e-signature capabilities.
  • Update – Recurring Payments Report is now called Payment Processing Report and shows both recurring and direct payments, and has a filter that allows you to choose recurring, direct, or both.
  • Added- Added payment plan overdue amount to the claim details page.
  • Added – Quick reports can now show report descriptions. Currently only the Monthly List of Payments Report shows descriptions.
  • Bug Fix – Adjusted the recurring payments schedule to work with daylight savings time.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug with CompuMail process.
  • Bug Fix – Adjusted financial reports so that they now show the correct client commission rate if there is a second one set up.

Version release notes – (March 19, 2015)

  • Update – Clients can now do account collect assignations via the Account Updater Tool using collector’s username.
  • Update – Improved the overall efficiency and performance of the Debtor Phone number searches, when using the “Phone #” drop down search selection.
  • Update – Modified creditor selection on Account Details tab, and separated Creditor management from Account Details tab.
  • Added- Added Phone Description Manager, and ability to now select a description for phone numbers.
  • Added – Added “Signature Line” to the Payment Agreement Report (displayed by “Print Agreement” button on Payment Plan tab).
  • Bug Fix – Fixed search bug, when client-user clicked “Apply Filter” button without selecting anything, would show all accounts, instead of just accounts from single client.

Version release notes – (March 2, 2015)

  • Update – Added a new User Group Right to allow administrators the ability to turn on or off permissions for users to “View All User’s Ticklers”.
  • Update – Added a creditor filter to financial reports.
  • Update – Added “Total Amount of Payments Made” and “# of Payments” to financial reports.
  • Update – Under Reports->Quick Reports->Confirmation of Receipt, changed the default to landscape when printing or exporting.
  • Added – New copy of the client report was added to include additional data elements.

Version release notes – (February 26, 2015)

  • Added – Manage User Groups to provide the ability for clients to create and delete their own user groups and manage user permissions for each of those groups. Rather than managing permissions for user groups under Settings->Collectors/Employees, now groups are managed by going to Settings->Manage User Groups.
  • Added – A help link next to groups under Settings->Collectors/Employees explaining that groups can be managed by going to Settings->Manage User Groups.
  • Update – Updated Version Number link at the bottom of the application to link to the version updates page for more detailed information.
  • Update – Payment Agreement now has export functionality. Payment Agreements can now be viewed in report mode, exported to pdf, printed directly in IE.
  • Update – SSN requirement in Debtor Payment Portal can now be overridden on an Account level via checkbox on Claim Details page under existing Debtor Pmt ID field.

Version release notes – (February 20, 2015)

  • Update – Added capability of adding / managing multiple Client Portal user accounts per Client.
  • Update – The word “Simplicity” has been removed from Client Status reports.

Version release notes – (February 5, 2015)

  • Update – Added a new button in the Debtor Details section of the Claim Details tab that will generate a credit report request file..
  • Update – Added a return file processing feature in the credit bureau reporting tool now uploads credit reports and attaches them to their corresponding accounts.
  • Update – The Client Statement 2 report now filters by client.
  • Update – Debtor File Updater toll now has the option to update existing addresses or inserting a new address.
  • Update – Client auto-prefixes are now forced to be unique values.
  • Update – Client portal usernames are now forced to be unique.

Version release notes – (January 29, 2015)

  • Update – Added Client Statement 2 Report.
  • Update – Updated Credit Bureau Reporting Tool to only processes return files with the extension ‘*.fulfill’.
  • Update – Updated API to allow expanded functionality to identify accounts.
  • Update – Added client options to include the ability to turn on or off formatting of the SSN field for international clients or commercial collection firms.
  • Update – Added new shortcut options for saving a shortcut icon for Simplicity to your mobile devices.
  • Bug Fix- Fixed an issue with PayScout and Payment Savvy scheduled payments not posting correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Updated the logic behind how custom field sub-tabs work. This was to avoid the random issue that users have reported where fields on sub-tabs would be lost when switching tabs. This logic was rolled out to the entire application on other screens as well.

Version release notes – (January 27, 2015)

  • Update – Added processing for credit bureau reporting return files in Metro 2 format.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the Payscout recurring payments integration.

Version release notes – (January 17, 2015)

  • Update – Added PayScout integration functionality.

Version release notes – (December 12, 2014)

  • Update – Added a cost column to the Client Statement Report.
  • Update – Updated the phone number exporter tool to export and single account with multiple phone numbers per row rather than a single row for each phone number. This will make the phone number exporter tool more compatible with dialer integration.
  • Update – Added the ability to create recurring ticklers in the system.
  • Update – Added a new secure report scheduling tool that provides the ability to email or sFTP Simplicity reports to clients.

Version release notes – (November 26, 2014)

  • Update – Added SSN as a login parameter for the debtor payment portal to increase security and compliance.
  • Update – Time zone filters are now available by area code as well as zip code.
  • Update – Time zone is now shown next to all phone number son the claim details screen.
  • Update – Client statement report no longer shows voided payments on the report.
  • Bug Fix – A small error in the User Access Report was fixed.

Version release notes – (November 20, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed calculation issues with ‘Account Trust Report’.
  • Bug Fix – Recurring payments and CompuMail process no longer run on disabled clients’ databases.
  • Update – CompuMail can be synced and test files can be sent for individual clients through the customer manager.
  • Update – Added Claim Received Date filter to the client reports.

Version release notes – (November 17, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed a small calculation error in the Collector Performance Report.
  • Update – Added the Account Trust Report

Version release notes – (November 12, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed an error with the ordering in the Statement of Account report.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an error with the ordering in the Trust Report.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed NSF reporting in the Financial Reports/Payments Report.
  • Update – There is now a button at the top left of the financial summary that shows the current balances of each allocation when pressed.

Version release notes – (October 31, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that occasionally blocked a user from changing a status.
  • Update – Collector, client, and creditor filters now allow multiple selections wherever the universal filter tool is used.

Version release notes – (October 28, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed error with users being able to view all clients despite restrictions.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed user access report so that it reports the correct time zone.
  • Bug Fix -‘Fix SSN’ button in customer manager now pads the left side of SSNs with zeroes until they are 9 digits long.
  • Update – Collector username is now sent to PDC4U with recurring payments.
  • Update – Made an enhancement to Settings – > Company / CC Settings to take into account usage fees for accounts that have more that the standard number of accounts.
  • Update – Updated the account update and import tools to allow mapping to a commercial/non commercial field in order to set and update account types.

Version release notes – (October 22, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed client portal status report so that it no longer shows notes when client is restricted from seeing notes.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a minor issue with compounding global interest rate.

Version release notes – (October 8, 2014)

  • Update – Removed the Simplicity logo from the client portal report.
  • Update – Added client and debtor name columns to the Payments with Notes report.
  • Update – Added functionality to the credit bureau reporting tool so that “Date of First Delinquency” is invalid when it is entered after the “Entered Date”.
  • Update – Added functionality to the credit bureau reporting tool so that there will no longer be an account of status 62 (closed) without a closed date.
  • Update – Added functionality to the credit bureau reporting tool so that all special characters will be removed from the account numbers when reporting.
  • Update – Added functionality to the employer section to show employer notes under the debtor section if employer notes exist.
  • Update – Added functionality to all legal reports so that they can now be filtered by client(s) and/or status(es).
  • Update – Added phone status (good, bad, unknown) to the account/phone number export tool.

Version release notes – (October 3, 2014)

  • Update – Added the option to set Metro 2 Creditor Classification when adding/editing a creditor.
  • Update – Added the Creditor Classification to the Netro 2 K1 Segment in the credit bureau reporting tool.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a small bug with the dialer in the case where a client posts a phone number but no “Dialed Label” the phone number would not display in the notes. Also made some adjustments to how the user “By” is defaulted if nothing is mapped to the agent or provided in a post.

Version release notes – (September 30, 2014)

  • Update – Added click-to-dial feature for Vonage VoIP.
  • Update – Cleaned up the collector/employee settings page.

Version release notes – (September 22, 2014)

  • Update – Client Reports filters now wrap when the screen is not wide enough.
  • Update – Client Statement report now shows the client name at the top and has page breaks between clients.

Version release notes – (September 18, 2014)

  • Update – Client reports can now be filtered by multiple action codes.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that occasionally caused the judgment interest settings to disappear in the settings/judgment tab.
  • Bug Fix – The “Client Status / Sales Info” section of the client setting screen now wraps onto multiple lines if there is not enough room.

Version release notes – (September 12, 2014)

  • Update – Client reports now allow the selection of multiple clients.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that interfered with the inclusion of pre-judgment interest and payments in the judgment.

Version release notes – (September 10, 2014)

  • Update – Optimized financial calculations for quicker financial returns.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that caused errors in various reports when a company’s name had an apostrophe in it.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the client portal status report that caused timeouts and incomplete results.

Version release notes – (September 8, 2014)

  • Update – Added the option to include pre-judgment interest and payments in the judgment in order to support compounding interest and work with current pre-judgment fees and costs.
  • Update – Added a new “Client Statement” quick report.
  • Update – Added a new “Payments with Notes” quick report.
  • Update – Updated the financial reports to include an NSF column in order to show NSF payments.
  • Update – Added functionality to the debtor updater tool to allow updating and mapping of multiple phone numbers.
  • Bug Fix – A note is now added whenever an account’s collection status changes in the client portal or the legal details screen.
  • Bug Fix – Accounts now require a creditor in order to generate a credit report for reporting to the bureaus.

Version release notes – (August 29, 2014)

  • Update – Optimized the client portal status report to avoid timeout when running the report.

Version release notes – (August 28, 2014)

  • Update – Updated the Account File Updater tool to allow inserting new financial claims (multiple claims) rather than updating the original claim only. If an updated spreadsheet contains an account number AND client claim number and these 2 fields are mapped, the Account File Updater tool will locate the account based on account number and then update the client claim based on client claim number.
  • Update – Added a new checkbox next to each DocGen template under Settings->DocGen Templates that allows the user the ability to enable/disable a template.
  • Update – Added the dates and amounts of the first 6 payments on the payment plan tab as DocGen fields.

Version release notes – (August 22, 2014)

  • Update – Added the ability to import multiple phone numbers via the account import tool.
  • Update – Added the ability to easily roll back imports from the import results screen.
  • Update – Added functionality for sales staff to sell blocks of accounts to clients via the client portal. This new feature includes the following new updates added to the software.
  • Update – Added a “Business Type” dropdown box to the Client Settings page that allows the user to add/edit/remove business types.
  • Update – Added “Contact Title”, “Voucher #”, and “Account Cap” fields to the Client Settings page.
  • Update – Added a checkbox labelled “Edit Collection Status” to the “Client Portal Settings” section of the Client Settings page that determines whether or not the client can edit the collection status from the client portal.
  • Update – Added a permission called “See All Clients in Client Settings”. This permission is enabled by default. When disabled, the Client Settings page will only show clients selected in the Account Access Control list of clients in the Collectors/Employees page.
  • Update – When the above permission is disabled or when a user is already restricted in which clients he can view, every client he adds will be added to his list of viewable clients.
  • Update – Collection statuses have a new checkbox called “Zeroes Out Balance”. Assigning a status with that option enabled will add adjustments to the account to set all allocations to zero.
  • Update – The account’s collection status is editable through the client portal when the “Edit Collection Status” box is checked in the Client Settings.
  • Update – When there is a cap, the number of accounts left to add vs the cap is shown at the top of the screen in the client portal.
  • Update – On the same page, when the cap has been reached, the “Enter New Claims” button is disabled.
  • Update – In the “Enter New Claims” page of the client portal, the number of accounts left to add is shown below the “Insert Claim” button.
  • Update – On the same page, the “Insert Claim” button is disabled and a message is shown when the cap is reached.
  • Update – On the same page, in case multiple users are adding accounts at the same time, the “Insert Claim” button checks one more time to see if the cap is reached and cancels the upload if it has.
  • Update – After an account is added, if the client is 10 accounts from the cap, an e-mail notification is sent to the sales rep.
  • Update – When there is a cap, an “Order More” button shows next to the “Enter New Claims” button. When clicked, it sends an e-mail notification to the sales rep.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the Transactions – Simple and Payments – Simple reports that caused a rare miscalculation in the “Overpay” column.

Version release notes – (August 13, 2014)

  • Update – Added a new user permission called “Edit Account Filters”, which allows a user the ability to add/edit/delete account search filters.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that allowed users the ability to view and edit SSNs by clicking on the green pencil icon when the user had “View Full Social Security Number” restricted.

Version release notes – (August 12, 2014)

  • Update – Added the ability to export multiple phone numbers vie the Account File Exporter tool. A new button has been added called “Export Phones” which works similarly to the notes export. Once your filters are set you can then click “Export Phones” to export the phone numbers for those accounts.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that caused a miscalculation in Michigan specific mail merge fields.

Version release notes – (August 11, 2014)

  • Update – Added “Agreement Amount” to the docgen merge fields
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug in the credit bureau reporting that caused an error to occur when an account had no payments.

Version release notes – (August 9, 2014)

  • Update – Added “last payment date” filter to the search filters.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that prevented the “Netted Amount” column in the transactions grid from showing correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that caused incorrect financial calculations when pre-judgment payments, interest, and costs were all included in the judgment.

Version release notes – (August 6, 2014)

  • Update – Added the ability to send “Creditor Name” instead of the client name to PDC4U with each processed transaction.
  • Update – Added the ability to select which documents are visible in the client portal.
  • Update – Added new functionality to the “Add New Claim” in the client portal to include no notation when an address or phone number is modified.
  • Bug Fix – In the Bulk Account Manager, previously when a note was added, the timestamp added to the note was the timestamp of the server rather than the client’s timezone. This bug has been fixed so that now timestamps reflect the timezone of the client.

Version release notes – (August 1, 2014)

  • Update – Added “Action Code” element to the Account Updater Tool.
  • Update – Made changes to the back end processes for the Account Updater Tool to make it more efficient.
  • Update – Added “Original Creditor Name” to the Credit Bureau Report under Quick Reports.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a calculation bug in “Quick Reports -> Deposit Reports”.

Version release notes – (July 30, 2014)

  • Update – Added K1 segment to the credit bureau reporting piece.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug with the recovery reports that caused an error when the client had an apostrophe in their company name.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug with the Simplicity purchase process to avoid timeout issues to provide additional feedback to the user upon software purchase.

Version release notes – (July 26, 2014)

  • Update – Added the ability to lock down the ability to edit custom fields by individual user. In the Custom Fields Manager you can now select [ALL] or a selection of users from the list to allow editing of custom fields.

Version release notes – (July 24, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that caused incorrect per diem calculation when using global interest rates.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug in the financial reports that caused an error when a company name had special characters like a ” ‘ ” character in it.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that caused the notes in the account exporter tool to export only a portion of the notes.
  • Update – Added a summary of supplemental legal information to the bottom of the Tickler Tab.

Version release notes – (July 16, 2014)

  • Bug Fix- When processing credit card payments the option for ACH would pop up even if there was no ACH account set up. The code was modified to suppress this pop up for instances when no company ACH credentials are present.
  • Update – Financial check payments may now be marked as NSF rather than just voided.
  • Update – Updated the Client Trust Report 1 under Quick Reports to show NSF totals for payments that were marked NSF during the time frame of the report.

Version release notes – (July 14, 2014)

  • Update – Made and update to include pre-judgment costs in judgment amount
  • Update – Made and update to include pre-judgment fees in judgment amount

Version release notes – (July 10, 2014)

  • Bug Fix – updated logic in compounding interest to avoid miscalculations under rare circumstances

Version release notes – (July 8, 2014)

  • Bug fix – updated financial transactions so that updating or saving notes on an overridden transaction would save the override rather than remove it. Previously when a transaction was overridden and then later updated, the update would revert the overridden transaction back to its original state before the override. This issue has been resolved.
  • Bug fix – fixed a bug with the transaction balance when the pre-judgment interest runs into the post-judgment amounts. The overall balance showed correctly but the balance shown next to each post-judgment transaction did not include the pre-judgment interest. This bug only affected clients that had pre-judgment interest included in the overall judgment amount.

Version release notes – (July 7, 2014)

  • Added a “creditor” filter to the client reports
  • Added an underline and a blue highlight to the “Debtor Payment ID” field in the Client Portal

Version release notes – (July 2, 2014)

  • Added a new “client report – simple” under reports/client reports.
  • Added ability to sort client reports by client/creditor/debtor.
  • Added the debtor payment id hyperlink to the client portal so clients can make payments for debtors.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when processing or scheduling payments to help ensure that the collector confirms the payment and amount.

Version release notes – (June 30, 2014)

  • Compounding Interest Updates – Several changes were made to the financial calculations in Simplicity. By default simple interest calculations are used in Simplicity, but this simple interest can be overridden by selecting one of our several compounding interest options to compound interest monthly, quarterly, or annually. By default, compounding interest will not compound based off the principal start date. In the settings->judgment screen this can be changed to compound interest off of January 1st of each year. Additionally, a tool tip has been added that explains what the compounding interest functions do.