Version Updates

Debt Collection Software Updates

In an effort to make sure that Simplicity Collect is both user friendly and up to date with all latest collection laws and trends, we are providing the following list of version release notes. Each release note will contain the version number and the items addressed in each version. Your current software version can be found at the very bottom of your software.

2020 Version Updates

Version release notes - (October 27, 2020)
Version release notes - (October 27, 2020)
  • Enhancements
    • Optimized Financial reports.
    • Optimized the Claim Details tab for users with limited permissions
    • Improved ACH routing number validation when entering or updating ACH information.
    • The "Interest" feature visibility setting is now applied in more places in the software.
    • The "Legal Details" feature visibility setting is applied in more places in the software.
    • The account age is on the account details tab is now saved with everything else.
    • There is now a user permission for editing the account age field.
  • Issue Resolution
    • Resolved an issue where adding a new dialer with default dialer selected would produce a server error under a specific set of circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue that would run automatic imports and exports at incorrect times if using custom times
    • Further transaction amount validation has been added to the transaction importer.
    • Added an option to update an accounts letters. With this option checked, when updating a letter flow by adding/deleting a letter, accounts that already have that letter flow will update the letters for that account.
    • Account notes are now added through the enhanced debtor portal when a debtor's payment was denied.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a duplicate transaction to send twice for YGC enabled companies reversing transactions using the 'Include Void' checkbox.
    • Fixed an issue when saving a referring attorney on an account with the type 'None' would cause an error when accessing that account.
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2019 Version Updates

Version release notes - (December 17, 2019)
  • Enhancements
    • Added "Enterprise" SMS package option.  $359.00 a month for 25,000 segments
    • Updated User Interface
    • Added Accounting Period Lock System
    • Added "Payment Plan Frequency" field to the logic builder
  • Issue Resolution
    • Automatically remove extra space(s) from company settings for cc on emails that prevented emails from being sent
    • Changed quick reports that use statuses only to only allow single status to be chosen
    • Fixed formatting of data export fields total_interest_pre, total_interest_post, total_interest_pre_and_post to be correctly formatted as money
    • Resolved an issue with certain automations not running correctly during the nightly processes
    • When the number of payments in a payment plan changes, the "number of payments" stored field is now updated
    • Resolved an issue when re-selecting "Maintenance Fee" from the dropdown in CompanySettings, the amount due was not being properly calculated
    • Resolved an issue with the days assigned to collector being reset to zero when an account was saved
    • Optimized quick reports Trust Balance Report

2018 Version Updates

Version release notes – (December 11, 2018)
  • Enhancements
    • Added “Misc./Number of Rows” field in Report Builder
    • Added a footer results preview in Report Builder
    • Added a descriptive caption to each section to Report Builder
    • Added a help link to each section that displays a popup with more information
    • Added tooltips to the “Group By”, “Add Group Filter”, “Sort Results”, and “Add Footer” buttons in Report Builder
    • When an an unsigned payment is made from the debtor portal, the account note states that it is unsigned
    • Added the ability to have transaction importer mappings set by support to run financial updates asynchronously (only works if support starts the import)
    • Added NSFs to client portal Payments Client Dist report
    • Added interest to payment plan remaining balance summary
    • Added debtor relative names and debtor phones to relative result export
    • Added an archive table to activity logs to help speed up larger PINs
  • Issue Resolution
    • Fixed an issue that caused errors when an automation event condition had no value
    • Increased timeout on DocGen to allow generation for pins with large numbers of custom fields
    • The “Payments w/ Client Disb.” client portal report no longer shows voided payments

2017 Version Updates

Version release notes – (December 12, 2017)
  • New Features
    • Created new report “Monthly Drop”, left column is account received month/year, other columns are dates of financial transactions for those accounts broken down by month/year.
    • Added ability to mark debtors for skip tracing on account import.
    • Can now manually override allocations and disbursements on convenience fees.
    • YGC account imports now show in the imported-on filter.
  • Enhancements
    • Balance automation event now shows current balance amount set.
    • Changed skip trace internal mapping to use column headers instead of indexes to prevent errors if remote changes to the column order are made.
    • Payments – Simple now includes future payments, last payment date, last payment amount and the judgement amount for each account.
    • Bam tool a-sync now works with percentage or chosen number of accounts
    • Removed convenience fees from Pending Payment Processing Report and legal report 48.
    • Improved e-mail sending / validation.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Updated client performance, future payments to accurately reflect future payment amount.
    • Resolved an issue where the Metro2 would report 12/12/9999 as date of birth, where no birth date was included.
    • Resolved issue where the individual recovery report was missing positive portion of NSF payments.
    • Incoming YGC FILENO and FORW_FILE fields now map to account number and client claim number respectively.
    • Resolved issue where the metro2 would have the wrong value for the record descriptor word.
    • Issue resolved for debtors marked for skip tracing – marked count.
    • Resolved issue where transaction types couldn’t be deleted.

2016 Version Updates

Version release notes – (Dec 7, 2016)
  • New Feature – New trust balance details report
  • New Feature – Time Worked timer on Legal details page. There is a start and stop work button used to keep track of how much time is spent working an account.
  • New Feature – New Bad Address Report
  • New Feature – Added new “Disputed” checkbox to the claim details screen and bulk account manager. This is used in metro2 reporting. Any account with this checked will have the 17A field changed to “XB”
  • New Feature – Added ability to apply the current convenience fee settings across all payment plans with “Apply to All” button in convenience fee settings
  • New Feature – Added the ability to disable convenience fees for states in convenience fee settings. Any case that has a debtor with a disabled state in their address will not be able to add convenience fees manually or through the payment plan
  • New Feature – Bad Address Only report shows all bad addresses for debtors who do not have at least one good address
  • Enhancement – Added new timezone East Africa
  • Enhancement – Client statement reports no longer show Convenience Fees
  • Enhancement – Financial reports no longer show Convenience Fees
  • Enhancement – Convenience Fees are distinguished by the description “Auto Convenience Fee”
  • Enhancement – Added collector name to Payment Processing report
  • Enhancement – The Export Documents section on the Account Exporter page is now hidden as a link
  • Enhancement – When a payment is made with convenience fees the payment and fee amounts are added and processed as a single transaction, but are inserted into Simplicity as two separate transactions
  • Bug Fix – Fix for Collector/Sales report not showing new unassigned accounts
  • Bug Fix – Client status report bug fixes with selecting status types
  • Bug Fix – Fixed pending payment processing report to include unassigned accounts

2015 Version Updates

Version release notes – (December 17, 2015)
  • Update – Optimized financial reports
  • Update – Added ability to upload files to existing accounts through the client portal (permission set in Client Settings)

2014 Version Updates

Version release notes – (December 12, 2014)
  • Update – Added a cost column to the Client Statement Report.
  • Update – Updated the phone number exporter tool to export and single account with multiple phone numbers per row rather than a single row for each phone number. This will make the phone number exporter tool more compatible with dialer integration.
  • Update – Added the ability to create recurring ticklers in the system.
  • Update – Added a new secure report scheduling tool that provides the ability to email or sFTP Simplicity reports to clients.