Version Updates

Debt Collection Software Updates

In an effort to make sure that Simplicity Collect is both user friendly and up to date with all latest collection laws and trends, we are providing the following list of version release notes. Each release note will contain the version number and the items addressed in each version. Your current software version can be found at the very bottom of your software.
Version release notes - (June 23, 2020)
  • Enhancements
    • Added "Payment Plan Is Paid in Full" to the Logic Builder.
    • Added "Current Balance Due 70% Off" and "Current Balance Due 70% Savings" to the exporter and mail merge.
    • Added "Client Entered Date" to the Logic Builder.
    • The "Judgment Amount = Principal + Pre-Judgment Costs/Fees" checkbox on the Financials tab has been broken out into separate checkboxes for costs and fees with an additional interest checkbox.
    • Minor changes have been made to Letter Automations. If the configuration is using 'Account has a payment withing x number of days', the date has been changed to no longer use the date the letter was suppose to send to the date the letter was actually sent. A change has also been made to exclude accounts with action codes. Previous behavior required all of the accounts action codes to be excluded. New behavior only requires that at least 1 selected action code be on the account to exclude it.
  • Issue Resolution 
    • Resolved an issue with the Account Not Touched Automation.
    • Resolved a display issue for error messages in the bulk account manager when emailing documents to debtors that did not have an email address on file.
    • Resolved an issue that would overwrite a user group's user rights on rare occasions.
    • Resolved an issue when updating employee password that would show a password was successfully updated when the old password entered was incorrect and the password was not updated.