Version Updates

Debt Collection Software Updates

In an effort to make sure that Simplicity Collect is both user friendly and up to date with all latest collection laws and trends, we are providing the following list of version release notes. Each release note will contain the version number and the items addressed in each version. Your current software version can be found at the very bottom of your software.
Version release notes - (May 12, 2020)
  • Enhancements
    • Added the "Total Interest Accrued" field to the logic builder.
    • Added more options for date filters in the logic builder.
    • When creating a settlement, you can now adjust the interest rate on the financials tab to match.
    • Added Date of First Delinquency Filter to the account filters.
  • Issue Resolution
    • Adjusting the financials balance for a settlement now zeroes out overpayments as well.
    • Resolved an issue where manually added convenience fees for future dated payments and payments waiting on signatures for PDCFlow may not always get processed.
    • Account Importer mapping validation has been added to ensure that the required fields exist before attempting to import an account. Imports will also no longer import an account that doesn't have a client name.
    • Resolved an issue in the Bulk Management Tool where other users could affect custom fields in unsaved filter configuration from working properly.