Will your software allow me to manage my collectors and see how they are doing?
What is SSAE16 and how does it apply to Simplicity?
What are the minimum computer specs to run Simplicity?
Can my clients access their data?
Can I run a copy of Simplicity on my servers and backup copy on your servers?
What are the minimum server specs for installing your software on my own servers?
What kind of database do you use?
Can you store documents in the software?
Can I move from my servers to your servers at any time?
Do you have templates already included with your software that I can use to start collecting?
How can I assign or manage cases in bulk?
Will your software allow me to manage and lock out user access to the software?
Do you guys backup my data? How often?
Can I convert or import my existing data into Simplicity?
What kinds of reporting capabilities do you provide?
What if you don’t have reports that I need, will you build them for me and does it cost additional?
Will your software allow me to generate documents?
How can I convert my data over from my existing system into Simplicity?
What if I have collectors that I don’t want to have access after they go home for the day, can I restrict their access?