Well Over 60 Reports

Quick, insightful, and flexible reporting are key to great debt collecting and personal debt management. Simplicity’s commercial web access based software comes packed with over 60 high quality reports designed to give you maximum insight. Reports range from the standard debt collection, debtor, and financial reports to highly sophisticated industry KPIs. We are certain you will find the reports you need to run any number of companies as effectively as possible. Read the information below to learn more about the different types of reports that Simplicity’s web based debt collection software can offer companies.


  • Legal Collection Reports – Simplicity’s commercial debt collection software provides all the legal reports, collection staff, counseling, and management services needed to ensure that commercial collection cases never fall through the cracks.
  • Financial Reports – Simplicity’s debt collection software has a list of transaction, client, and payment reviews that can be run for any given time frame and for any particular client.
  • Quick Reports – Simplicity’s Quick Reports are simple, one click management reports to gather essential international and domestic information for efficient companies.

Legal Reviews

Because commercial legal tracking systems can be complex, time consuming, and full of holes where debt collection cases can go unnoticed, Simplicity has spent years of refining the process to effectively track commercial collection cases through a companies legal life cycle. Don’t get lost in the legal systems with bad collection strategies. Lost cases means lost money. Use Simplicity’s collection software system.


  • Complaints To File – Receive reviews on when to file international and domestic complaints, along with reports on international and domestic complaints that have already been filed to the collection system.
  • Payments Due Today – With collection agency software, receive daily reviews on the international and domestic payments that you should be receiving today.
  • Overdue Payments – Management services can generate reviews on the international and domestic accounts that are overdue on payments or that need agency attention.

Financial Reports

Simplicity debt management software has transaction, client, and payment reports that can be run for any given time-frame and for any particular client. These collection management system reports list the transaction and/or payment history for each debtor and break out each payment based on the allocation method, and client commission rate. Reports are filterable by client, start and end times, and debt collection status types, and make financial tracking easy.


  • Transaction Reports – View any account’s transaction lists, which are filterable by date, collector, and transaction type. Now you can quickly recall for how an account has behaved in past.
  • Payments Report – With great filtering features and a quick glance, you can see how money was dispersed between attorney, agency, and client.
  • Filter By Client / Date – Filter the data by client or date list in order to get the right collection system information that you need quickly.

Quick Reports

Simplicity’s Quick Reports are essential reports for you and your agency. Whether it is a simple collection statement, or a monthly fee report, these one click system reports will be used daily for efficient companies. Other software collection reports include:

  • Collector Performance
  • Inventory Report
  • Sales Commissions
  • Uncollectable / Return Report
  • Collector Fee Report
  • Uncollectable/Return Report
  • Payment Plan Projection Report
  • Monthly List of Payments
  • And MORE!


  • Client Trust Reports – This report will let an agency know how much money has come in, how much they owe their client or how much their client owes them.
  • Collector Commission Report – Shows payments that came in, and what commissions the collectors receive from those payments.
  • Payment Plan Protection – This easy to use collection software report shows a projection of how much money an agency can expect in future payments if debtors keep their payment agreements.