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The login screen has a few uses, which we will break down here.

Warning: Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Some features may not work correctly. Please use Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari, or Opera.

Returning Users, Please Login:

This area is for SimplicityCollect customers to login to their company and view their database information. This will include administrators and collectors/employees alike. Each person will enter their Company PIN, Username, and Password in order to gain access to SimplicityCollect.

For administrators:

When you first sign up to purchase the software, we will send you a copy of your Company PIN, Username, and a temporary Password. You can update your password as soon as you log in, and create login information for your employees.

Please keep your username and password secret. Store this information in a secure and safe place. If you have forgotten your username or password or did not receive an email containing this information, please contact Simplicity Support at

For collectors/employees:

You will receive a copy of the Company PIN, a unique Username and Password from your administrator.


Clients – Log into the Client Portal:

To have clients login, have them click on the blue link Log into the Client Portal. This link is for the Clients of SimplicityCollect customers to view their associated accounts that might have been placed with the company. If you are a client, you can request a Company PIN, Username and Password from an administrator at that company.

Depending on the permissions set up for you, you will be able to access the Client Portal and:

  • View existing accounts placed with the company
  • Place new accounts with the company
  • See progress of work done on accounts
  • Submit files
  • Run reports, and more

Terms and Conditions:

There will be a link at the bottom of the login page for you to review our Terms and Conditions at any time.



User accounts are restricted to one physical location and browser at a time.  When a user tries to log in from multiple locations or browsers, their previous session will be automatically logged off.

For security reasons, it is recommended that you create strong passwords (a mixture of upper and lower case letters intermixed with numbers and/or symbols) and change your password frequently.

See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at