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The Account Automation tool will allow you to automatically email letters to debtors, set statuses, reassign accounts, re-age accounts and a number of other actions, based on specific actions that take place. There are hundreds of different combinations you can create account automations for.

Follow the steps below to set up a new event:

Step #1: Create New Event Automation:

  • Enter a Description. This will help you identify different automation events after they are created.
  • Choose an On Event that will trigger the automatic changes. Options include but are not limited to:
    • Account Balance
    • Account Not Touched
    • Age of Account
    • Days Before Payment
    • Days Since First Delinquency
    • Declined Payment
    • Elapsed Time
    • Missed Payment
    • Payment Marked NSF
    • Payment Plan Fulfilled
    • Payment Received
    • Reported To Credit Bureaus
    • Skip Trace Successful
    • Status Change
  • Click Create Event Automation.


Step #2: Add Event Condition:

  • Select Balance / OR / Client /OR/ Referring /OR/ Status > Is /OR/ Is Not and make the appropriate selection that corresponds with the desired event condition.
    • Example 1: Select options Client > Is and highlight the Client(s) that this automation action will apply to (Optional)
    • Example 2: Select options Client > Is Not and highlight the Client(s) that this automation action will NOT apply to (Optional)
  • Click Add Event Condition


Step #3: Add Event Actions:

  • Enter an Account Automation Action Description to help you identify which action will be taken on the Account Automation Event.
  • Select your Do Action, which tells the system which action to take. Currently the options include but are not limited to:
    • Add Account Note
    • Add Action Code
    • Add Fee
    • Add Reminder
    • Assign to User
    • Change Client
    • Change Status
    • Delete Payment Agreement
    • Move to User Queue
    • Re-Age Account
    • Remove from Credit Bureau Report
    • Report to Credit Bureau
    • Send to Credit Bureau
    • Send Customized Email
    • Set Next Work Date
  • Click Add Event Action
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