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If you need to migrate your data to another PIN, or are splitting your data between two PINS, you can contact our Simplicity Support staff at:

Depending on your situation, we have several methods of migrating your data. We want to help make the entire process as streamlined as possible.


Manual Transfer

If you are interested in performing the transfer on your own, you will need to:

1. Export any and all data you wish to transfer from PIN #1 using the Data Exporter tool.

2. Import this data into PIN #2 using the Account Importer tool, and if necessary the Account Updater, Debtor Updater, and Transaction Importer tools.

3. Once all the data is transferred successfully, you can use the Bulk Account Manager tool on PIN #1 to remove the account data (if necessary).


See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at