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When importing accounts you have the option of linking debtor information by the social security number. This means that when debtor information is updated on one account then all debtors with the matching SSN will update as well. Some circumstances may require you to update debtor information on one account, but not the others. In order to do this you will need to un-link the linked debtors. Currently, the only method that can be used to un-link accounts is as follows:

  • On the account, copy the main debtor information to the Co-Debtor tab as a new debtor by clicking on the blue plus icon. Do not enter the social security number. After entering the debtor information click on the yellow icon “Click Here to Save as Co-Debtor”.
  • Click the button to make new Co-Debtor the Primary Debtor
  • The original debtor is now Co-Debtor. Delete this debtor before performing next action.
  • Add the SSN to the main debtor and any other applicable information.

Unlinking CAN be done from the Debtor Manager, but only from accounts where they are listed as a Co-Debtor. It won’t work for any accounts they are listed as the Primary Debtor


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