Settings – Dialer Settings

SimplicityCollect provides you the ultimate flexibility for dialer integration. Because there are hundreds of different dialer programs on the market, SimplicityCollect provides you the option to use almost any available dialer.
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Settings – Financial Settings: Global Interest Rates

Global interest rates provide a convenient way for interest rates to be changed in the system according to the specified date span. These automatically compound annually.
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How can I add or edit my billing information?

When necessary, you can update your billing information quickly and easily
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I don’t want my users to see the full SSN on accounts. Can I restrict this information?

Sometimes is it necessary to restrict the full SSN from view, for specific user groups.
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Accessing the SimplicityCollect API

For you to use this tool, you can generate an API token to use. The API token is found by logging into Simplicity with a user with Admin privileges and going to Settings -> Company / CC Settings and clicking on the Web-Service API Settings check-box.
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QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration requires you to have knowledge of the QuickBooks application and some initial setup files and software to run correctly. The QuickBooks Integration tool is a convenience for our customers. Our support staff is NOT equipped to be QuickBooks experts and cannot field questions directly related to setting up, modifying, or supporting the QuickBooks application outside of the scope of this tool. It is recommended that you seek guidance from a QuickBooks consultant or accountant for any QuickBooks specific needs. Read further to see how to set up QuickBooks with your SimplicityCollect accounts.
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User Queues

There may be times where a group of accounts need to be grouped together and worked separately from your general accounts. Assigning an account to a queue allows work to be further organized and can be used rather than or in addition to assigning them to a specific user.
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Settings – Collection Statuses

Statuses are used to help track the progress of the accounts within SimplicityCollect. Every account must have a status of some kind associated with it at any given time. These statuses can be used to search for, organize, assign, report on, and even export accounts.
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Settings – Clients

This is the screen where client information is stored. Every account in SimplicityCollect must have a client associated with it.
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Settings – Custom Fields Admin

Sometimes you get information about an account that SimplicityCollect does not have a field for, yet you need that information stored. Custom fields can easily be created to resolve this problem. Simplicity allows you the ability to create an UNLIMITED number of custom fields.
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