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Accounts are (in most cases) a collection of data regarding an individual. Often times this is regarding one or more claims belonging to a debtor. This includes important dates, court information, financial information, and the debtor information.

The Account screen is the very core of SimplicityCollect, and will likely be where you spend most of your time. From it you will view debtors’ information and their connected debts, post and track payments, set Reminders, and record legal information.

When you select an account link from anywhere in SimplicityCollect, the respective information will appear. When you are done working the account, save your changes by clicking Save in the upper left corner below the Claim Details tab.

Always remember to click on the save button before leaving an account.


Navigation Tabs

This navigation toolbar allows you to switch between different screens on the account. Each screen has a unique purpose.

  1. Claim Details
  2. Financials
  3. Accounting
  4. Payment Plan
  5. Doc Folder
  6. Reminders
  7. Legal Details


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