Why should I choose Simplicity over the competition?
How much does the software cost?
Can my clients upload cases via this software?
What hours do you offer tech support?
Can I customize your software for my business?
Can you import cases in bulk into Simplicity?
Will your software work with Apple computers?
How often do you upgrade the software?
Can Simplicity help me keep track of new collection cases?
Can Simplicity help me increase profits and efficiency?
What browsers are supported by the software?
Is the software cloud based?
What is the debtor payment interface?
What is the client interface?
What kind of tech support do you offer?
How secure is my data with you?
Who hosts our data?
Can I install your software on my servers?
What if I want to move to another software package?
Can Simplicity help me organize my existing collection cases?
Does Simplicity require expensive hardware or computer equipment to run?
Will Simplicity work for my judgment recovery business?