Collections SoftwareSimplicity collection software is the industry leader in web based software collection solutions. Written specifically for collection agencies, debt buyers, and collection attorneys, SimplicityCollect provides feature-for-feature the most affordable solution to managing your collection cases. Simplicity’s web-based interface and its ability to run on any operating system, makes it an appealing software solution for any collection business.

What Makes Simplicity Collection Software Unique?

It’s all in the name. Our interface is simple, our approach is simple, our pricing is simple. There are no complicated software systems to learn and install, there are no complicated interfaces to navigate through; just a simple, straightforward, customizable interface that allows you to see the data you need to see and drill down to additional data if you want. Aside from the “easy-to-use” software, SimplicityCollect also carries the following features which distinguish it from the rest of the competition.

  • UNLIMITED USERS!!! (you don’t pay any more for additional users)
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing!!! (we make it easy to get in and use the software)
  • System Automation – mature tools to help you automate your collection processes and move your collection cases through the process with out manual intervention.
  • Debtor Payment Interface – allow debtors to make payments even when your offices are closed.
  • Client Portal – our online client portal allows you the ability to give your clients limited access to cases they have referred to you and also enter cases right into the system
  • Operating System Independent – we don’t care what you are using (Mac, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Smart Phone, Windows), all you need to use Simplicity is an internet connection and browser
  • EASY-TO-USE Interface – you will save money alone on the training. Because SimplicityCollect is a web based application, the learning curve is gone. If you can operate a web browser you can use our debt collection software.