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At Simplicity Collection Software, we know that tracking, processing, and collecting debt can be a hassle—which is why we developed Simplicity™.

Simplicity™ is debt collection software that allows you to expedite the collection process and maintain accurate records. You can use this software to enter and track an unlimited number of collection cases throughout the entire debt collection process from beginning to end.

This software will save you valuable time while ensuring accuracy. Simplicity™ offers a cloud based debt collection solution that gives you real time access to the status of any collection accounts. This software also makes it easy to import and export data, create documents, create financial tracking reports, and store documents online.

Simplicity Collection Software is the nation’s leader in debt collection software. Our company was founded by software engineers, collection attorneys, collection professionals, and first-class technical support staff. Our diverse team used their collective expertise to develop a simple, reliable solution to debt collection. This means, our software brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to your fingertips.

We are uniquely qualified to develop and maintain Simplicity™ collection software and our team is dedicated to ensuring the best quality software and support in the marketplace.
Don’t let debt collection bog down your business—purchase Simplicity™ today! If you have more questions, contact us over the phone to learn more about how Simplicity™ can save you time and money.

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